Smart Switch : Phone Clone App

Smart Switch : Phone Clone App

Smart Switch lets users conveniently transfer their data to their new phones.

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Smart Switch : Phone Clone App
Smart Switch : Phone Clone App Smart Switch : Phone Clone App Smart Switch : Phone Clone App Smart Switch : Phone Clone App

Smart Switch Transfer Files and Phone Clone App  is an amazing app that assists user to perform data transfer to a new phone. The file sender app enables you to copy my data as this is cross platform as well as data backup solution for all operating systems. Move all sort of mobile data via WIFI, hotspot and Bluetooth. The app support content for example documents, videos, photos, files, call log, text messages, apps and music files.
Smart Switch app  is an outstanding content transfer application, which can switch around all the prominent files irrespective of its size. Now send and receive gigantic files through transfer app in no time so share large files and copying data immediately. Smart Switch Mobile application is compatible with all kind of files formats in order to move data from Old phone to new phone. Smart transfer & phone to phone transfer videos of any kind when user purchase new phone at an appreciable speed. Switch mobile transfer app follows cross platform transfer and backup solution with availability of all versions to transfer to android. Mobile switch carries WIFI direct connection to manoeuvre file transfer at great pace. During data transfer mechanism smart data app identify capability of peer device before making WIFI direct connection. Smart transfer app has proficiency to auto connect whenever connection interrupted to giving a hassle free experience to the user.

Smart switch - Transfer Data, Phone Clone app is content transfer application to transfer data from phone to phone without any delay or hesitation. Now perform data transfer just on a single click of a button. The transfer app gives user a platform of copying data & file transfer along with call logs backup and restore. Switch around & mobile transfer data to new phone with phone\calendar restoration. Phone switch has feature of cleaning cache memory of move data easily. Once connection established for phone to phone transfer list of folders and files will appear. It’s a handy tool for copy my data and transfer data which indispensable to acquired for office work.

Smart switch - Files Sharing, Phone Clone,  Smart Share is remarkable smart data transfer app that permits user to execute phone content transfer through hotspot that is the most feasible and fast way to Smart switch mobile app gives user facility to copy my data without any delay. Phone switch let user to sends files to SD card. There isn’t need to dismay about pictures of special events with your friends and family and intended transfer to android and mobile transfer data to new phone smart transfer & mobile switch app is for you.

Smart Data Transfer: Clone app  is a marvellous transfer app which securely mobile transfer data to another smartphone device. There isn’t need to anxious regarding copying data and move data, which is private and confidential to a new phone purchase by the user so smart switch mobile is ultimate solution. Smart share app is design for phone to phone transfer and facilitate user to switch around and transfer data from phone to phone rapidly and securely. Smart switch app help user to create backup of all data available inside your smart phone and can conveniently restore data whenever and wherever user intended. The file transfer app give user facility to backup history, bookmarks, system setting, music playlists, images, videos, alarm, dictionaries indeed all things what user needed. Data transfer & mobile switch is a long process and normally consumed a lot of time however user can transfer to android within seconds because smart data app establish a secure and fast connection between devices through WIFI. Therefore transfer data from phone to phone as rapid as possible with guaranteed files security.

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1.0.7 released on 21 April 2022 (343 days ago)
1.0.3 released on 16 December 2021 (469 days ago)
1.0.2 released on 11 December 2021 (474 days ago)
1.0.0 released on 28 November 2021 (487 days ago)

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Updated: 14 May 2022 (320 days ago)
Released: 28 November 2021
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Smart Switch : Phone Clone App
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