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Smart Rus

Smart Rus is Russian for foreigners.

Smart Rus
Smart Rus Smart Rus Smart Rus Smart Rus Smart Rus Smart Rus

Smart Rus is a unique interactive platform for learning Russian, one the most in-demand foreign languages with over 300 million speakers around the world.

Created by RUDN University, one of Russia's largest international universities, and MTS, a leading IT company, the new platform combines dozens of years of educational experience with helpful innovative technology.

The Smart Rus platform features:

• More than 60 years of experience teaching Russian to students from over 150 countries (RUDN teaches Russian to foreign students since 1960)
• Professional university-level teachers
• Training programs and courses for every goal and purpose — from daily life, travel and business to manned spaceflight
• Classes in all formats: one-on-one and group lessons with teachers, as well as self-study courses to study at your own pace

Whatever your goal, we have courses and classes for studies, work, travel, business, test preparation, literature, relationships, kids, social networks, spaceflight (oh, yes!) and much more.

Here is just a couple of the most popular learning programs:

• Attend our intensive preparatory courses and pass the Test of Russian as a Foreign Language (TORFL) with confidence. By the way, did you know that RUDN University is the creator of the TORFL exam?
• Study Russian for business and build your professional vocabulary to smoothly network with partners and customers.
• Enhance Russian language skills in multicultural families so youyou’re your children could communicate better with your extended family.
• Take specialized courses to advance your goals, such as reading Russian literature, watching Russian movies, listening to contemporary Russian music or chatting online with native speakers.

Smart Rus is available in desktop version through a regular browser or a mobile app (for iOS and Android). You can study anywhere any time however you prefer. At home, on your way to work, in a park or a cafe – set your personal schedule and go.

Learn Russian today for work, study, life, and travel. Choose the right program to help you achieve your goals.

Take a free brief test and receive a personalized learning plan today. The program will be based on your learning goals and current level of Russian language proficiency (whether you are a total beginner or a seasoned advanced learner).

Once you start studying, we will continue fine-tuning your program based on your progress and feedback from professional teachers so that you could achieve your goals faster and more effectively.

Become part of our constantly growing student community of 500+ ethnicities from 157 countries.

Start learning Russian now!

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