Smart Riddles - Brain Teaser word game

Smart Riddles - Brain Teaser word game

What am I?Solve the riddles!Think, guess the word for each riddle.Brain teasers!

 Smart Riddles - Brain Teaser word game
 Smart Riddles - Brain Teaser word game  Smart Riddles - Brain Teaser word game

From little riddles for little people to smart riddles for grown-ups. We have all kinds of riddles and brain teasers! Share them with your friends or try to guess the answer all by yourself.

If you are searching for the best riddle you will probably find it here What am I? riddles thinking games brain teaser tricky riddles are ready to train your brain.

Great way to spend some quality time with your kid and put your mind to the test with a challenging riddle.

Collect coins by guessing the answers or sharing with your friends. Spend your coins wisely with hints. Finding the answer is not a simple task even if it is a "what am I?" kind of riddle . Some smart riddles are tricky and you need to think and search carefully for an answer.
If you can think outside the box to find the solutions pick a quiz puzzle or game and put your IQ to the test.

* simple gameplay read the riddle and think; find out what word is the answer. Guess the word. Win!
* share the best riddles and brain teasers with friends
* help available with hints skip level reveal correct letter and remove incorrect letters options.
* word game having hundreds of levels with riddles to solve or simple "What am I?"questions
* train your mind in beast mode with a word game
* guess the word answer the riddle and have fun!

Do you think that you are good with riddles trivia puzzles "what am I?" questions and you can handle a word game?Ready for a good brain teaser? Put your brain on beast mode and have fun!

Check the best riddles game Smart riddles - Brain teaser word game!

About this version (1.0.7)

fixed hints for level 206,225

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 Smart Riddles - Brain Teaser word game
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