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Smart Logbook Smart Logbook Smart Logbook Smart Logbook Smart Logbook Smart Logbook Smart Logbook Smart Logbook Smart Logbook

As a pilot, your logbook is more than just a list of flights: it's your record of accomplishment as an aviator. Whether you're a student pilot or 747 captain, every hour you log brings you one step closer to personal mastery of the art of flying. There's no better way to track your progress than with Smart Logbook.

Smart Logbook makes logging your flights fast and easy. They're automatically synced online, so you can instantly restore them if you upgrade or lose your phone. When you apply for a new rating or interview for a job, you can easily see your flying totals, over any span of time, in any type of aircraft. Track your currency and limits, and get reminders to renew your medical and recurrent training. As your flying experience grows, use the interactive map to see for yourself (and show off to your friends!) all the places flying has taken you.

Getting started is easy. Download Smart Logbook and log 50 hours of flight time, absolutely free. Then make a one-time purchase in the app to continue adding flights. Besides getting the intuitive and powerful functionality Smart Logbook offers today, you'll also receive regular updates with new capabilities.

Smart Logbook sync keeps your logbook securely backed up, and lets you seamlessly access it from multiple devices. Sync is included in the free trial. After that, just sign up for the very affordable sync subscription. The first year is free, and you can cancel any time.

For more info about purchasing or the sync subscription, see


• Extensive customization, with defaults for general aviation and professional pilots.
• Calculate your totals, filtered by time period, aircraft type/characteristics, and more.
• Currency and limit tracking. Includes rules for FAA, EASA, and Transport Canada requirements, and allows creating custom rules.
• Electronic signature capture, compliant with FAA standards.
• Track certificates, ratings, endorsements, and medicals, and get notifications to renew items that expire.
• Interactive map of your flights.
• Database of 40,000 airports, and allows adding custom airports.
• Print your logbook in Jeppesen Basic/Pro, Transport Canada, EASA, or DGCA (India) format.
• Calculate totals for the FAA Form 8710-1 / IACRA.
• Automatic calculation of estimated night flying time and takeoffs/landings.
• Add photos of aircraft, models, crew members, certificates, and flights.
• Import flights from Excel/CSV file.
• Export flights to CSV file.

About this version (2.0.1)

• Digitally capture your instructor's signature. • Store and print instructor endorsements (34 new templates). • Add new airports or update existing airports. • Log off-airport locations with lat / long. • Add photos of flights, aircraft, models, and crew members. • System notifications for expiring currency or certificates. • Self signature on printed logbook. • Print settings are saved and synced. • Redesigned airport info screen. • CFII and MEI ratings. • New aircraft categories.

Other versions

2.0 released on 16 March 2022 (260 days ago)
1.6.4 released on 15 December 2021 (351 days ago)
1.6.3 released on 12 April 2021 (598 days ago)
1.6.2 released on 08 January 2021 (692 days ago)
1.6.1 released on 11 December 2020 (720 days ago)
1.6 released on 10 August 2020 (843 days ago)
1.5.10 released on 03 March 2020 (1003 days ago)

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