Smart Compass

Smart Compass

Simple and useful compass app with camera view, GPS and Map.

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Smart Compass
Smart Compass Smart Compass Smart Compass Smart Compass Smart Compass Smart Compass Smart Compass Smart Compass

Smart Compass is in the 3rd set of the Smart Tools collection.

<< All compass apps require a magnetic sensor (magnetometer). If this app does not work please check the specifications of your device. >>

This online compass is a tool to search bearings (azimuth directions) with embedded magnetic sensors. It has 4 significant features below.

1. Although you may turn your phone into portrait or landscape mode the heading is fixed.
2. Camera view is used for reality.
3. Metal detector is included to verify magnetic sensor.
4. GPS and map are supported.

The compass app depends on the performance of your device exactly. If the compass works perfectly it means that your sensors are perfect too.
If it is inaccurate please check that yours aren't being affected by a magnetic field. This app have several options to calibrate your device.

* Compass modes
- Standard
- Telescope
- Night
- Digital
- Map
- Map (satellite)
- Background image

* Main features
- True north
- Vertical line
- Azimuth types (degree mil quadrants back azimuth)
- Coordinate types (decimal degree UTM MGRS)
- GPS Speedometer
- Screen capture
- Material design

* Pro version added features
- No ads
- Sharing GPS location
- Qibla finder Car locator
- Individual metal detector

* Do you want more tools?
download [Smart Compass Pro] and [Smart Tools 2] package.

For more information watch YouTube and visit the blog. Thank you.

** The view-cover with a magnet can make the compass inaccurate.


About this version (1.8.7)

- v1.8.7 : Minor fix - v1.8.6 : Ad-free menu (6 hours)

Other versions

1.8.6 released on 11 September 2020 (177 days ago)
1.8.5a released on 16 June 2020 (264 days ago)
varies with device released on 29 May 2020 (282 days ago)
1.8.4 released on 05 February 2020 (396 days ago)

Details and Recent Ratings

Size: 5 MB
Version: 1.8.7 by Smart Tools co.
Updated: 23 December 2020 (74 days ago)
Released: 03 August 2010
Installations: more than 10 000 000
Smart Compass
5 Stars: 149594
4 Stars: 67344
3 Stars: 20271
2 Stars: 5583
1 Star: 12274

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