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Smart All Tools

Smart Tools App - all in tools app or free toolbox with 33 mandatory smart tools

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Smart All Tools
Smart All Tools Smart All Tools Smart All Tools Smart All Tools Smart All Tools Smart All Tools Smart All Tools Smart All Tools

Smart Tools is a handy app with all tools in one place which are essential for us to make our day to day life smarter.

Smart tools app has a collection of 33 tools from various categories such as Essential Tools, Common Tools, Tech Tools, Date and Time Tools, Maths and Finance Tools and Sound Tools like Calculator, BMI, Magnifier, QR Code, World Clock, Age Calculator, Simple Interest, EMI Calculator, Audio Recorder, Speech to text Converter, etc

Smart tools app uses inbuilt sensors of the device and provides accurate measurements based on the details provided by you. This app will be useful for all people like students from schools and colleges, professionals from schools, colleges, engineering, etc

In our fast life, we don’t have time to download each and every single tool app for our daily use. Download smart tools app for your multipurpose, that is, all in one application. This app saves your time, memory, battery and your valuable time and effort.

This handy tools app consist of

1) Essential Tools

Compass – Helps you in finding the right direction in navigations and traveling purposes

Torch – Flashlight acts as a torch for your needs.

Shopping List – Shop your needs without missing any items

Notes – Take notes easily which helps you to stay organized!

Denomination – Helps you to easily count currency notes of different denominations

2) Common Tools

BMI – Allows you to monitor BMI and the percentage of fat in your body.

Fuel Cost – Calculates fuel consumption and tracks fuel mileage for your vehicle and will also save fuel costs.

Ruler – Measure things just as conveniently and precisely as with a traditional mm ruler or tape measure tool.

Mirror – Check your appearance any time, anywhere using the mirror

Vibrator – Turns your phone into a strong massage with strong vibration

3) Tech Tools

Image Compressor – Minimizes the minimum possible size of the image

Image to text – convert images and documents into text format

Internet speed – calculate the usage of your current Internet speed.

Magnifier – enlarge a portion of the image

Photo Crop – crops the desired portion of the image

QR Code – scans the Quick Response (QR) code and put it into your cell phone

4) Date and Time Tools

Age Calculator – determines the age. The calculated age will be displayed in years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, and seconds.

Age Difference – calculates the time interval between two dates. The calculated age will be displayed in years, months, and days.

Day Counter – count the days between two dates

StopWatch – measures the speed or duration in fractions of a second,

World Clock – displays the uniform standard time of each region observed across the globe

Date +/- - Calculates the date to the past or future from the current date by entering the number value

5) Maths and Finance Tools

Coin toss – also called a coin flip used to choose between two alternatives

Compound Interest – to gain a picture of how the interest on your savings or investments might grow over a certain period

Simple Interest – calculate the interest on your savings or loan without compounding

EMI Calculator – calculate monthly EMIs on the basis of loan amount and interest rate

Unit Converter – easily convert between different units of common measurement

Number to word – converts any number into its text or word form

6) Sound Tools

Audio Recorder – records any sounds or voice such as conversation, lectures and other sounds

Text to Speech – converts text files into voice format

Speech to Text – converts voice files into text format

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