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SlimFast Together
SlimFast Together SlimFast Together SlimFast Together SlimFast Together SlimFast Together SlimFast Together SlimFast Together SlimFast Together

Start your weight loss* journey or keep the weight off with the FREE SlimFast Together Mobile App. Choose your own SlimFast Weight-Loss Plan: Favorite Foods, Keto, the new Low-Carb Plan, or let SlimFast help you find the plan that’s right for you!

The SlimFast Favorite Foods Plan: Indulge in ALL your favorite foods and choose the SlimFast product line that is right for you, including SlimFast Original, Advanced Nutrition, Advanced Energy and Keto.

The SlimFast Keto Plan: Enjoy a low-carb, high fat and moderate protein-based Keto diet, mixed with decadent, indulgent and convenient SlimFast Keto products to enjoy at home or on-the-go. This is Keto made easy.

The NEW SlimFast Low-Carb Plan: From proteins and healthy fats to whole grains and vegetables, you can mix-and-match the SlimFast products and foods you love, while limiting your carb intake. Choose from SlimFast Advanced Nutrition, SlimFast Advanced Energy and SlimFast Keto.

Not sure which SlimFast Plan to choose? Take a short quiz to determine the Plan that will fit your life. Each Plan includes a unique experience designed to help you achieve your goals. Our mobile app takes the guesswork out of weight loss, making it the ideal companion on your journey.

SlimFast Mobile App features:

Choose Your SlimFast Plan: Choose between a weight loss or weight maintenance plan and receive customized, easy-to-use tools to reach your goals.

Fully Customizable Meal Planner: Meal planning is made easy with pre-defined daily menus and the ability to customize your meals. Now, you can also easily modify your daily menu right from the dashboard. Tap “shuffle” to receive a replacement menu or “change” to manually select a new menu.

Hundreds of Recipes: Browse SlimFast recipes with macros listed for easy selection. You can “add this meal” to your plan and “save to shopping list.”

Shopping List: Create a shopping list based on your selected daily menus. Send to an online grocery cart with just a few clicks. 

Daily Progress Tracking Dashboard: See your progress in real-time with a dashboard that tells you your calories and macros (for those following the SlimFast Keto Plan), water intake and activity. At a glance, you’ll know exactly what you need to do to meet today’s goals.

NEW Daily Progress Metrics: In addition to the above, we’ve also added the ability to track sleep, stress levels and measurements. All of these metrics are viewable in the enhanced progress screen with expandable graphs and charts. Get a complete picture of all of the aspects of your life that contribute to your weight loss success, in one place.

Shop for SlimFast Products: Find your favorite SlimFast products in our mobile app and purchase them in just a few clicks.

Download the new SlimFast Together Mobile app to lose the weight — and keep it off. Your best life is now at your fingertips.

What’s New:

Easy-to-modify daily menus: Make changes to your daily menu right from the dashboard.
New daily progress metrics: In addition to calories and macros, water intake and activity, the SlimFast mobile app now allows you to track sleep, stress levels and measurements.
Shop for SlimFast products: Find your favorite SlimFast products in the app and purchase them within just a few clicks.

About this version (2.1.9081)

To help you stay on track with your weight management goals, we’re constantly making improvements to the SlimFast Together app experience. Make sure you have the latest version of the app to benefit from new features and performance improvements! If you want to contact us for feedback and questions, you may do so by emailing

Other versions

2.1.9005 released on 12 February 2022 (101 days ago)
2.1.8779 released on 23 November 2021 (182 days ago)
2.0.8623 released on 04 November 2021 (201 days ago)
2.0.8542 released on 23 October 2021 (213 days ago)
2.0.8251 released on 30 August 2021 (267 days ago)
2.0.8184 released on 17 August 2021 (280 days ago)
2.0.8142 released on 10 August 2021 (287 days ago)
1.8.2 released on 03 June 2021 (355 days ago)
1.8.1 released on 22 April 2021 (397 days ago)
1.8.0 released on 08 April 2021 (411 days ago)
1.7.5 released on 02 February 2021 (476 days ago)
1.7.4 released on 17 December 2020 (523 days ago)
1.7.3 released on 24 November 2020 (546 days ago)
1.7.2 released on 15 October 2020 (586 days ago)
1.6.3 released on 29 August 2020 (633 days ago)

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