Situm Mapping Tool

Situm Mapping Tool

Calibrate your building, locate yourself inside it and navigate

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Situm Mapping Tool
Situm Mapping Tool Situm Mapping Tool Situm Mapping Tool Situm Mapping Tool Situm Mapping Tool

Situm is making available Situm Mapping Tool an indoor calibration positioning and navigation tool.

With this app and thanks to Situm’s indoor positioning service users will be able to

- Calibrate their buildings allowing indoor positioning.

- Visualize the maps and points of interest already uploaded to our dashboard (

- Navigate inside the buildings already calibrated and establish routes to different points of interest.

Do you want to know more about the calibration process? Check out our quick user guide https//

You can also watch our tutorial on our youtube channel https//

Get the most out of indoor positioning! Create your building calibrate it and navigate.

Try it now https//

Situm the GPS for indoors.


About this version (3.67.1-beta)

• Improved user experience • Improved positioning and navigation performance

Other versions

3.67.0-beta released on 21 December 2020 (36 days ago)
3.65.0-beta released on 24 November 2020 (63 days ago)
3.64.3-beta released on 19 November 2020 (68 days ago)
3.64.1-beta released on 10 November 2020 (77 days ago)
3.63.7-beta released on 04 November 2020 (83 days ago)
3.63.3-beta released on 16 October 2020 (102 days ago)
3.63.2-beta released on 25 September 2020 (123 days ago)
3.63.0-beta released on 17 September 2020 (131 days ago)
3.60.0-beta released on 16 June 2020 (224 days ago)

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Size: 14 MB
Version: 3.67.1-beta by Situm
Updated: 11 January 2021 (15 days ago)
Released: 17 March 2016
Installations: more than 1 000
Situm Mapping Tool
5 Stars: 24
4 Stars: 1
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