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 Simply News - Your News App
 Simply News - Your News App  Simply News - Your News App  Simply News - Your News App

Simply is the best-looking and easiest way to get the news you care about.

Each screen is a smart summary of exactly one news article. Swipe quickly from page to beautifully-illustrated page.

Simply tailors your top stories from thousands of news articles. You can’t miss anything important with Simply – and it’s fast and fun. Simply categories include top news politics entertainment science tech and local news. You can easily define your own news categories based on search words that you enter. Thus you can easily get your individual categories. e.g for "Apple" or "London" or "Meerkat" or whatever you happen to be interested in.

You can rely on Simply’s quality and performance. Award-winning apps by the Simply design team have been ranked #1 in over 30 countries.

Simply’s top features
- 100s of robust sources examined to deliver comprehensive news
- 600 British locations tracked to assure local news
- 1000000 news articles analyzed monthly
- Every news article intelligently prioritized
- Clear compact summaries generated 100% automatically from any news
- Full-story news text presented in a single swipe
- Personalized relevant news derived from your search words
- News repository stored on your device keeps you informed even when offline

Standard Simply is always free. Extensions can be purchased inside the news app or can be activated for free if you recommend Simply to a friend.

Simply users are saying
***** Great app for news. Good information. Easy to use.
***** Many sources impressive summaries cool design. My start screen app for news.
***** Does exactly what it claims. Best news app.
***** That is a great news app that I use constantly.

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Released: 09 August 2013
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 Simply News - Your News App
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