Simple shopping list

Simple shopping list

Fast simple and easy to use shopping list to organize your shoppings

Simple shopping list
Simple shopping list Simple shopping list Simple shopping list Simple shopping list Simple shopping list

- simple, fast, effective, intuitive shopping list,
- create more shopping lists if you need to
- shopping has never been so organized,
- food products automatically added to the product dictionary database
- easy introduction of new products
- the ability to send a ready list for shopping, eg via SMS
- voice introduction of products
- the grocery list recognizes separators, the separator can be any word
- shopping list has a modern simple and nice design

Shopping with this grocery list has never been easier. In this grocery list you will not find shopping sharing between devices, sending to friends, information on the quantities, the icons of food and other of useless things. The idea is simple - like the old days - grocery shopping list and end. Instead of cards go shopping with this simple application. Shopping list based on material design, the available themes color schemes, the introduction of voice and vocabulary that teaches you up to date on the basis of the provisions introduced products. Dictionary tells the most popular products which have been entered on previous lists and voice input with the possibility of separating the products using keyword makes the introduction of new shopping has never been so easy and quick. Purchases can easily distinguish and segregate.

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Simple shopping list
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