SIGNL4 – Critical Mobile Alerting

SIGNL4 – Critical Mobile Alerting

Critical Alerting with Tracking Escalation On-Call Duty and Shift Scheduling

SIGNL4 – Critical Mobile Alerting
SIGNL4 – Critical Mobile Alerting SIGNL4 – Critical Mobile Alerting SIGNL4 – Critical Mobile Alerting SIGNL4 – Critical Mobile Alerting SIGNL4 – Critical Mobile Alerting SIGNL4 – Critical Mobile Alerting

In case of critical incidents in areas like workers safety, 24/7 IT operations, manufacturing continuity or disaster response, SIGNL4 is your tool for instant mobile alerting.

It is designed to effectively alert and notify incident response teams like firefighters, emergency teams, IT Ops or Security Ops staff, field service technicians and maintenance engineers.

SIGNL4 adds critical mobile alerting to your services and systems in no time. It bridges the β€˜last mile’ from IT and IoT systems, machines and sensors to engineers, IT staff and workers β€˜in the field’ and accelerates response up to 10x.

SIGNL4 notifies staff on duty through targeted and persistent mobile push, text messages and voice calls with acknowledgement, tracking and escalation.

It provides for convenient on-call duty and shift scheduling to reliably delivers the right information to the right people at the right time – anywhere.

SIGNL4 enables mission-critical systems in IT, IoT, on the shop floor and in hundred other areas to automatically notify the right people when response time matters.

SIGNL4 provides simple and convenient interfaces like email and webhooks to quickly connect systems like IT monitoring, IT service management, IoT devices, SCADA systems, security cameras and more. We have verified 150+ 3rd party integrations.

SIGNL4 enables to:
* Reliably and persistently dispatch critical alerts and work items to field staff, maintenance engineers and mobile workforce
* Automate alerting/escalation processes by linking machines, IT or any other application to the right person at the right time
* Accelerate and ensure response by providing persistent notifications, response tracking and escalations
* Manage timely availability of operations teams (on-call duties, shifts) to route alerts automatically
* Link any system directly to staff in charge. Consolidate events and alerts from multiple sources. Create a single pane of glass for critical information

SIGNL4 provides:
* Design for critical operations with a new visual experience including a native 'darkmode'
* Persistent and trackable alert notifications by mobile push, voice calls and text
* Automated escalations based on target response times
* Scheduled and ad-hoc on-call duty and shift management
* Shared annotations to alerts and audit trails
* Raising of alerts from the mobile app
* Integrated mobile chat
* Alert notifications to your entire team or team members on duty
* Custom sounds for your critical alerts
* One-touch connect with your team members
* Monitors, tracks and reports your hours spend on duty (CSV download)
* Complete audit trails of all notifications and response (CSV download)
* 150+ verified integrations and comprehensive API for 3rd party tools

How can you trigger alerts and notifications?
* Send an email or call our webhook (REST API)
* From IT like ConnectWise, Zabbix, CheckMK, ServiceNow, Microsoft PowerAutomate, Azure Sentinel, NodeRed
* From OT like Wonderware, Siemens, zenon and many other SCADA and MES
* From any systems capable of sending email or calling a webhook
* Using Amazon Alexa (voice recognition)
* In-app 1-click alert trigger with automated geo-location
* Use your web browser to send alerts to your team

Note: You need a SIGNL4 account to use this app and some features depend on your SIGNL4 plan.


About this version (3.1.0)

- You can now override push tone volume either globally or per category (e.g. when phone is muted) - You can access 'Do not disturb' override settings from the app (signaling options or category push sound override) - Minor updates and improvements

Other versions

3.0.5 released on 07 September 2021 (42 days ago)

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Size: 7 MB
Version: 3.1.0 by Derdack GmbH
Updated: 28 September 2021 (21 days ago)
Released: 19 September 2017
Installations: more than 10 000
SIGNL4 – Critical Mobile Alerting
5 Stars: 75
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