Sewing Patterns Lite

Sewing Patterns Lite

Sewing Patterns keeps your pattern library at your fingertips!

Sewing Patterns Lite
Sewing Patterns Lite Sewing Patterns Lite Sewing Patterns Lite Sewing Patterns Lite Sewing Patterns Lite Sewing Patterns Lite Sewing Patterns Lite Sewing Patterns Lite Sewing Patterns Lite Sewing Patterns Lite Sewing Patterns Lite Sewing Patterns Lite Sewing Patterns Lite

(NOTE: This free trial version is fully functional, but has a maximum limit of 10 Patterns)

Have you ever tried going on a shopping spree for new fabrics (in physical stores or online), only to feel completely lost by not knowing exactly how you would use that nice-looking piece of fabric, and end up purchasing the wrong thing - or purchasing the right thing, but in the wrong quantity - or worse, still: Leaving empty-handed?

If your answer is "yes", then Sewing Patterns will be your indispensable companion in the future. The inspiration in the form of your pattern library is right at your fingertips, wherever you go, and you can easily make sure that you purchase the right fabric in the right quantity - and with the right accessories. The app also helps you find inspiration on how to best make use of your current stash of fabric.

The app lets you gain the perfect overview in a single place, whether your patterns are purchased, found in magazines, or your own creations entirely. You can categorize your patterns based from standard garment types, or create as many of your own categories as you like. You can have your patterns sorted alphabetically, by most recent usage, or in any particular order you like. Each pattern can be associated with as many categories as you wish.

It is entirely up to you how many details you want to register for your individual patterns, but the more details you supply, the more help you will find in the built-in filtering function. When browsing your patterns, only the filled-in information is shown, so you won't have to deal with lots of empy fields.

Using the camera, you can supply your pattern details with pictures of the model, the instructions, or perhaps of the finalized garments. You can add as many pictures as you like, both for your categories and your patterns.
Use the Filter function if you need to search for a specific pattern in your pattern library, or just need inspiration for your next project, based on a specific piece of fabric.

Your Pattern collection is stored locally on your device, but you can backup and restore it via Google Drive.

In all aspects, Sewing Patterns is an indispensable app, for the experienced seamstress and the newcomer alike!

About this version (1.4.17)

Fixes a problem where Subcategories for a deleted Category would become unavailable. Note: Such Subcategories will now reappear in the Category List, from where they can safely be deleted, if you no longer have use for them.

Other versions

1.4.16 released on 04 January 2022 (275 days ago)
1.4.15 released on 19 August 2021 (413 days ago)
1.4.14 released on 11 July 2021 (452 days ago)
1.4.13 released on 01 July 2021 (462 days ago)
1.4.9 released on 10 June 2021 (483 days ago)
1.4.8 released on 03 May 2021 (521 days ago)
1.4.6 released on 08 February 2021 (605 days ago)
1.4.5 released on 07 December 2020 (668 days ago)
1.4.4 released on 05 December 2020 (670 days ago)
1.4.1 released on 12 June 2020 (846 days ago)
1.4.0 released on 09 April 2020 (910 days ago)

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Sewing Patterns Lite
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