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Looking to grow your business without any ramp up period? Don’t want to spend marketing dollars doing it? Whether you’re looking to network and connect with other professionals in a specific industry or you want to find your next prospect, SetSchedule has got you covered. With the introduction of the new SetSchedule community ecosystems, you can promote your products and services, post questions specifically to targeted professionals, connect and communicate with other professionals, expand their contacts, and create teams to collaborate on projects and opportunities.

As a small business or solopreneur, it’s vital that you’re constantly networking and building connections with other professionals. It’s how you grow your future products and services. So why aren’t you? Long gone are the days of handing out business cards and shaking hands. Through the newly added suite of business development tools, you can take advantage of innovative solutions to expand your reach and become a community leader. Network by using the power of SetSchedule’s Community Ecosystem!

Broadcast your products and services to find new prospects

Get your message seen without spending thousands of marketing dollars through the SetSchedule Broadcast feature. Whether you’re looking to promote your business to a specific location or profession, simply pick your desired area, city, or state, choose the professionals you want to see your message, and broadcast your message to your desired audience without any ramp up period. Best of all, it’s free!

Ask the Pro, and get your questions answered by other professionals

We’ve all been there. You have an important question you want answered by a specific profession. Through the Ask the Pro feature, you’ll gain access to thousands of professionals looking to answer your questions. Simply post your question, pick the profession you want answers from, and choose the geolocation you want to target. Within minutes, you’ll start receiving answers from other professionals. It’s that easy.

Get more done by teaming up with your professional collaborators

Whether you’re a team lead or a solopreneur looking to collaborate with a partner, we’ve got the solution for you. Create a team, add collaborators, and designate specific team members to track your projects through the SetSchedule team ecosystem. Communicate through the SetSchedule team ecosystem to create a constant flow of communication with your collaboration partners. Track and manage your projects to keep your team focused on the task at hand.

Grow your network of professionals by getting connected

If you’re looking to grow your connections or business relationships, you’re in the right place. Through the SetSchedule ecosystem, you’ll be introduced to thousands of professionals looking to find partners to collaborate with. Connect and build your network by collaborating and sharing project updates, possible business opportunities, and general communications, all in one place. Once you’ve established a partner, start a team and keep everyone in sync by providing updates and communicating through the easy to use chat management system.

About this version (3.2.0)

Your communication just got clearer! In this update, you now have the ability to reply to comments directly, starting reply chains so you can keep your conversations on topic! Plus, you'll now receive notifications when someone responds directly to one of your comments.

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3.1.0 released on 29 March 2022 (360 days ago)
3.0.4 released on 04 February 2022 (413 days ago)
3.0.0 released on 27 December 2021 (452 days ago)
2.5.9 released on 21 September 2021 (549 days ago)

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