Serenity Ambience Generator

Serenity Ambience Generator

Create your own Zen! Customized ambience to help drown out the outside world.

Serenity Ambience Generator
Serenity Ambience Generator Serenity Ambience Generator

A Completely free and fully unlocked App that lets you infinitely loop peaceful music with other peaceful sound effects like rain, crickets, thunderstorms, birds singing, wind chimes and the like.

Easy to use with lots of customization. Lets you choose exactly what you want to hear, how loud, and how often.
More sound categories will be added all the time.
Categories so far:
Zen (chinese, classical music)
Animal Sounds
Futuristic sfx (being worked on)
Native American sounds
Celtic Music
Brain Wave Frequencies
Can be used to promote creativity while writing, drawing or painting.
Drown out the outside world with peaceful sounds to promote better sleeping or reading.
(The same goes for soothing a baby to sleep.)

Includes a custom colored clock that bounces around your screen infinitely and won't burn an impression.

This app is a one man project, and my first attempt at an Android App.
Please Rate or leave a Review if you like it!
Thanks and enjoy!

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Size: 46 MB
Version: 1.4 by Null Reference Games
Updated: 05 January 2015 (2359 days ago)
Released: 20 December 2014
Installations: more than 1 000
Serenity Ambience Generator
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