SellQuick POS - Retail Point of Sale

SellQuick POS - Retail Point of Sale

SellQuick POS - Retail Point of Sale
SellQuick POS - Retail Point of Sale SellQuick POS - Retail Point of Sale SellQuick POS - Retail Point of Sale SellQuick POS - Retail Point of Sale SellQuick POS - Retail Point of Sale SellQuick POS - Retail Point of Sale SellQuick POS - Retail Point of Sale

About SellQuick: 
GOFRUGAL understands that an easy intuitive mobile POS is required for Retail businesses for faster checkouts, convenience and on-the-go billing. Thus we are with GOFRUGAL SellQuick, a mobile POS for Retailers. SellQuick can replace a billing counter or can be used as a queue buster during peak hours eliminating a major source of customer frustration of waiting so long in queue for smaller checkouts. SellQuick easily tackles the major retail challenge of space constrain by occupying just the space of a mobile phone or a tablet for an entire till.

Do billing on-the-go or inside the store seamlessly during rush hours
Simple and portable nature makes the billing more convenient
Significantly reduce the device investment cost, electricity bill and space occupation for a till
No worries of power shut down or loss of internet connectivity. Bill offline and sync the bills later. 

- Can do sales bills for Standard, Serialised, Kit & Assembly and Matrix items with inclusive and/or exclusive TAX
- Add item to cart by either searching with item name/code or by scanning with barcode
- Bill to existing customers or Quick-Add new customers and bill to them conveniently 
- Hold and Recall a sale anytime in a session 
- Offline billing is supported. Bills are synced automatically to the server once the internet service is resumed. 
- Auditing to help you in identifying any internal theft/fraud activities
- Session management with cash withdrawal option to monitor the cashflow in the counter. Also, a session report is generated on closing the session at day/shift end for handover with values of Cash Excess or Shortage, if any
- Left hand and right hand user experience is given for sales bill screen for increased convenience
- Bluetooth HID and SDK based barcode scanners are supported
- Printouts can be taken directly from SellQuick with supported printers
- Printouts can also be taken directly from POS

Bluetooth scanner supported :
>Pegasus PS1110
>Socket Mobile CHS 7Ci Scanner

Printers Supported :
>All 2 inch and 3 inch Bluetooth printers
>Epson TM-T88V Printer with Cash Drawer support.
>EPSON TM-P20_000196 Printer
>TVS RP3150 STAR Printer
>NGX BTP320 Printer
>Essae PR-85 Printer with Cash Drawer support.
>Rugtek RP80 Printer (USB printer)

SellQuick will be available as an addOn client for RetailEasy and ServeEasy which customers can choose to buy from us - Sell Quick will use your smartphone's internet connectivity as available - 2G/3G/4G/WiFi. Data charges apply as per your service provider.

To know the license details of SellQuick, contact GOFRUGAL
To know more details, Visit Link

About this version (10.7.0)

We're here with an interesting release!! 1. Major UI enhancements are done 2. SellQuick users faced some difficulties in searching Items using numbers which are present in the Item name. Item search using numbers has been enhanced. SellQuick users can now search Items by typing numbers in Item name.

Other versions

10.5.1 released on 07 July 2021 (20 days ago)
10.4.0 released on 22 June 2021 (35 days ago)
10.3.0 released on 16 June 2021 (41 days ago)
10.2.1 released on 04 June 2021 (53 days ago)
10.1.0 released on 20 May 2021 (68 days ago)
10.0.3 released on 30 April 2021 (88 days ago)
10.0.2 released on 21 April 2021 (97 days ago)
9.0.3 released on 09 April 2021 (109 days ago)
9.0.2 released on 17 March 2021 (132 days ago)
9.0.1 released on 16 March 2021 (133 days ago)
8.9.9 released on 04 March 2021 (145 days ago)
8.9.5 released on 08 February 2021 (169 days ago)
8.9.3 released on 01 February 2021 (176 days ago)
8.9.1 released on 23 January 2021 (185 days ago)
8.8.8 released on 11 January 2021 (197 days ago)
8.8.7 released on 04 January 2021 (204 days ago)
8.8.4 released on 24 December 2020 (215 days ago)
8.8.3 released on 17 December 2020 (222 days ago)
8.8.0 released on 03 December 2020 (236 days ago)
8.7.4 released on 24 November 2020 (245 days ago)
8.7.3 released on 12 November 2020 (257 days ago)
8.7.1 released on 06 November 2020 (263 days ago)
8.5.0 released on 27 October 2020 (273 days ago)
8.4.0 released on 21 October 2020 (279 days ago)
8.2.0 released on 07 October 2020 (293 days ago)
8.1.0 released on 02 October 2020 (298 days ago)
7.4.1 released on 24 September 2020 (306 days ago)
7.3.0 released on 16 September 2020 (314 days ago)
7.2.1 released on 14 September 2020 (316 days ago)

Details and Recent Ratings

Size: 30 MB
Version: 10.7.0 by GOFRUGAL Technologies
Updated: 17 July 2021 (10 days ago)
Released: 07 July 2016
Installations: more than 5 000
SellQuick POS - Retail Point of Sale
5 Stars: 34
4 Stars: 2
3 Stars: 2
2 Stars: 3
1 Star: 8

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