seemile Korean

seemile Korean

You can learn Korean reading Korean writing and listening with animations.

seemile Korean
seemile Korean seemile Korean seemile Korean seemile Korean seemile Korean seemile Korean seemile Korean seemile Korean seemile Korean

You can learn Korean language easily and enjoyably through animation and K-drama.
1. 650 sentences, 1200 words, Korean alphabet, all related to daily life and can be learned easily by anyone.
2. Unique and exciting animations.
Every animations portrays the sentence with flair and accuracy. The user will be able to understand what kind of sentence is being taught just by watching it and this naturally remains in the users head.
3. A fun learning experience with a story and characters.
There are 5 characters within the 650 sentences that share stories of everyday life. These characters create relationships of friendship and love between each other. These characters will foster your desire to keep on learning Korean language.
4. Easy to learn, associative remembering techniques that allows you to remember for a long time.
It was designed by using an incredibly effective memory association technique for easy memorization. The sentence is expressed via videos and the words via images, therefore, the user can easily learn these sentences and words that remain in their head for a long time.
5. just listen and speak it. you can automatically Korean grammar.
By studying the sentences you will be able to learn the grammar as well.

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Some errors have been fixed. Supported from Android 5.0 or higher.

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seemile Korean
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