Secret Safe Lite

Secret Safe Lite

Manager for passwords and other secrets including an encrypted backup solution.

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 Secret Safe Lite
 Secret Safe Lite  Secret Safe Lite  Secret Safe Lite  Secret Safe Lite  Secret Safe Lite

This password manager is in the store since 2010 and is used by thousands of satisfied users on all kinds of phones and tablets. It focuses on the core functions of a password manager

* Secure storage by using AES encryption based on a master password.
* Structuring the entries by categories and different input forms username and password PINs of bank or credit cards notes contacts and links.
* A secure backup function that uses zip files with AES-256 encryption.
* A comfortable synchronization between multiple devices that can detect new and changed passwords.
* The offering of a free PC version for entering existing username passwords and notes and for checking the stored passwords.

In contrast to other password depots or password managers this app has no ads no unnecessary rights like internet access no unnecessary cloud functions and no back door to get access to the app without the master password.

For more details try out this free password manager app (the number of passwords is limited) or have a look at our home page http//

Languages English German French Spanish Russian (translated by Andrey Kharitonov) Italian

About this version (3.9.0)

* Bugfix related to starting problems on some devices.

Other versions

3.8.9 released on 09 November 2020 (20 days ago)
3.8.8 released on 25 October 2020 (35 days ago)
3.8.6 released on 18 March 2019 (622 days ago)

Details and Recent Ratings

Size: 2 MB
Version: 3.9.0 by giraone
Updated: 12 November 2020 (17 days ago)
Released: 23 January 2011
Installations: more than 100 000
 Secret Safe Lite
5 Stars: 296
4 Stars: 71
3 Stars: 56
2 Stars: 15
1 Star: 76

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