Secret City 5 f2p

Secret City 5 f2p

Stop the Lakrian collector in these point and click adventure games!

Secret City 5 f2p
Secret City 5 f2p Secret City 5 f2p Secret City 5 f2p Secret City 5 f2p Secret City 5 f2p Secret City 5 f2p Secret City 5 f2p Secret City 5 f2p Secret City 5 f2p Secret City 5 f2p Secret City 5 f2p Secret City 5 f2p Secret City 5 f2p Secret City 5 f2p Secret City 5 f2p

New free to play puzzles, brain teasers and mini-games of Secret City: Mysterious Collection where you need to find out hidden objects and win story quest games! This new hidden objects game has no plot differences with the original puzzle, and its main feature is that you can play the entire point and click quest for free!

A famous Secret City collector Cassan died in a plane crash, and his unique collection of artifacts was brought to the Secret City Museum. The artifacts start to affect the residents in an awful manner! The residents lose their magic skills and go insane. You find out that this is a part of Cassan’s plan, who turned out to be alive and vengeful. When Cassan was young, he wasn’t talented with magic abilities, and many Lakrians mocked him. Now he’s up to assemble the most powerful artifact to deprive the Secret City residents of magic skills and subdue their minds!

🕵️‍♂️ Don’t let the secret city be revealed to humans in the bonus chapter!
Play the bonus chapter to solve more logic puzzles, brain teasers, and seek and find hidden objects!

🕵️‍♂️ Solve mini-games, puzzles, and sophisticated riddles!
Replay your favorite point and click adventure games free, logic puzzles, brain teasers, and search for the objects needed to get achievements! Are you capable enough?

🕵️‍♂️ Look for cleverly hidden collectibles!
Are you attentive enough to gather your own wonderful collection? Complete brain teasers and find hidden objects to challenge yourself!

Download one of the most amazing free easy hidden object games – Secret City: Mysterious Collection! Play the game for absolutely free, but if you feel stuck or don’t want to solve a mini-game, you may buy hints to help you proceed quicker!

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Play great big adventure hidden object games free new full mystery!


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1.0.16 released on 19 April 2022 (520 days ago)
1.0.12 released on 06 April 2022 (533 days ago)
1.0.5 released on 24 November 2021 (666 days ago)
1.0.4 released on 11 November 2021 (679 days ago)

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Size: 0 MB
Version: 1.0.19 by Do Games Limited
Updated: 19 May 2022 (490 days ago)
Released: 01 November 2021
Installations: more than 50 000
Secret City 5 f2p
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4 Stars: 393
3 Stars: 108
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1 Star: 146

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