Sea of Pirates

Sea of Pirates

☠️ Control the Seas and win epic loot on this unlimited game! ☠️

Sea of Pirates
Sea of Pirates Sea of Pirates Sea of Pirates Sea of Pirates Sea of Pirates Sea of Pirates Sea of Pirates Sea of Pirates

☠️ Explore, Fight, Upgrade and Manage - Sea of Pirates.

☠️ Sea of Pirates is a Endless adventure game, master the naval battle, manage and upgrade your crew, fight against other pirates, find hidden treasures and improve your island.

☠️ Compete in the Leaderboards, show the world you're the best pirate! There's no level limit, let's see who reaches the highest level!

Game Features:
• Land Battles, hire pirates, manage your crew, equip Legendary items, level up and create the best team.
• Any character has a fun and specific way to fight, customize and train your pirates, make your crew famous in the Sea of Pirates world!
• Search for Legendary Items, plunder all the islands you see, use your crew unique skills to defeat anyone!

• Naval Battles, your ships have multiple ways to destroy your enemies, capture enemy ships and improve your fleet, then send more ships on expeditions!
• Multiple cannon types to destroy the enemy, each with it's own way of shooting, master them all be the best!
• Show who is the fastest helmsman in the seas, dodge enemy shots, or use chain shots and break the enemy attacks.

• Sail the endless seas, fight against stronger enemies, find hidden mysteries, take a time to chill and get some fishes.

• Upgrade your Pirate Island, upgrade the shipyard to increase your fleet and the pub to hire more pirates, the hospital to take care of your crew, the market to make better deals and much more!

• Enjoy the daily, weekly and seasonal objectives!

☠️ Sea of Pirates is a free game, play now on Google Play!

Remember to send us any feedback at and we'll continue to improve the game!


About this version (1.0.33)

Fixed an issue when watching ads. Fixed an issue that could cause the Capture of Ships to freeze, we are sorry for this error. We have also fixed a few issues that might cause crashes in the game. Fixed a few more issues, missions are marked as completed properly now and we also fixed an error on the Sniper Cannon. Please report any bugs and send us your feedback at

Details and Recent Ratings

Size: 0 MB
Version: 1.0.33 by MR. Games
Updated: 10 June 2020 (1355 days ago)
Released: 22 March 2020
Installations: more than 100 000
Sea of Pirates
5 Stars: 616
4 Stars: 229
3 Stars: 132
2 Stars: 84
1 Star: 314

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