SCP Reader

SCP Reader

This is a handy application for reading SCP Foundation documents in 14 languages

SCP Reader
SCP Reader SCP Reader SCP Reader SCP Reader SCP Reader SCP Reader SCP Reader SCP Reader

Get to know the SCP world!
Unusual supernatural abnormal and even dangerous. Thousands of classified documents from the SCP Foundation Wiki.
SCP (Secure Contain Protect) - contains information about objects creatures locations and events.
The application allows you to read materials in the following languages ​​(relevant funds).
β€’ English (SCP Foundation EN)
β€’ Czech (SCP Foundation CS)
β€’ German (SCP Foundation DE)
β€’ Spanish (SCP Foundation ES)
β€’ French (SCP Foundation FR)
β€’ Italian (SCP Foundation IT)
β€’ Japanese (SCP Foundation JA)
β€’ Korean (SCP Foundation KO)
β€’ Polish (SCP Foundation PL)
β€’ Portuguese (SCP Foundation PT)
β€’ Russian (SCP Foundation RU)
β€’ Thai (SCP Foundation ZH)
β€’ Chinese (SCP Foundation ZH)
β€’ Ukrainian (SCP Foundation UK)

What the application can do
β€’ Application work without internet (OFFLINE)
β€’ The application itself reads for you
β€’ Navigating links in the application
β€’ User friendly interface
β€’ Ability to view all SCP wiki documents
β€’ The application remembers which documents you viewed
β€’ You can create your own SCP favorites list.
β€’ Save both separate and all documents at once and read SCP offline.
β€’ Select a document from photographs and see all photos in the gallery
β€’ We have just started and will develop our application with you.

Materials are collected from the following sources
β€’ http//
β€’ http//
β€’ http//
β€’ http // scp-
β€’ http//
β€’ http//
β€’ http//
β€’ http//
β€’ http//
β€’ http //scp-wiki-de.wikidot. com /
β€’ http//
β€’ http//
β€’ http//
β€’ http // scp-cs.
// All materials are not documentary in nature do not indicate the accuracy of the material presented and are fictitious. Persons with a weak nervous system pregnant and especially sensitive categories of people should avoid the materials of this application.
// This application is intended to view materials presented on the above sites! The application is not a product of the SCP Foundation. It does not process or publish materials on the organization’s websites. This application is only a convenient tool for viewing materials!)

About this version (2.1.1)

error correction, speed improvement

Details and Recent Ratings

Size: 6 MB
Version: 2.1.1 by Mr_Harry
Updated: 19 February 2020 (428 days ago)
Released: 13 January 2020
Installations: more than 100 000
SCP Reader
5 Stars: 5236
4 Stars: 851
3 Stars: 150
2 Stars: 90
1 Star: 180

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