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School Info by SchoolInfoApp enables parents students teachers and administrators to quickly access the resources tools news and information to stay connected and informed!\n\nSchool Info by SchoolInfoApp features\n- Important school and class news and announcements\n- Interactive resources including event calendars maps staff directory and more\n- Student tools including My ID My Assignments Hall Pass & Tip Line\n- Language translation to more than 30 languages\n- Quick access to online and social media resources\n\nAbout SchoolInfoApp\nWe build great apps for great schools and school districts and have published apps serving thousands of schools and districts around the globe. All we do is develop and manage mobile apps for schools and school districts so our focus is 100% on doing that incredibly well. The result is apps that are highly rated with features that students parents teachers and administrators find to be time-saving simple and useful.\n\nFeatures listed may or may not be included depending on your school or district's policies and preferences.\n\nCurrently supporting the following schools\nCedar Creek School Bay School District Stratford High School Point Pleasant JSHS Beck Academy Walton High School Pyron Elementary Carpinteria High School Coleman Elementary School Dry Creek Elementary Juniorversity Holy Cross Lutheran School Keith Elementary T. Clay Wood Elementary School Spring Hill Christian Academy Rayen Early College Jennings High School Newport Montessori School Lake Arthur Elementary Marsh Valley HS Buckeye Local Junior High CWUSD Lake Arthur High School James Ward Elementary School University Park Elementary Hathaway High School Summit Elementary Virgil I. Grissom Middle School Ault Elementary Laurel Highlands Middle School Campus Middle School Evergreen Middle School Pee Dee Math Science and Technology Academy Patterson International West Defuniak Elementary Warren-Alvarado-Oslo High School Willard Elementary Zion Buds of Promise Christian Academy Morton Junior High School Scotland Elementary School Imagine Tempe Elementary School ZECA School of the Arts and Technology Paxton High School Kinder High School Westchester Academy for International Studies Indian Land Middle School Lake Brantley High School Newcastle Elementary Eman Schools Imagine Bell Canyon Winter Springs High School Rock Lake Middle School North Knox Jr/Sr High School Saline High School Jim C. Bailey Middle School Kingdom Academy Sandra Todd-Williams Academy Ponce de Leon High School Kids Learning Center III Ira J Earl Elementary School Castor High School Goldonna Elementary/Junior School Emerald Coast Middle School Blackman High School Rothsay Public School Woodman Cainsville Sinclair Secondary School J. Clarke Richardson Collegiate Cobblestone Elementary School W.P. Sandin St. Basil Catholic Elementary School Aldergrove Public School St. Mary School Brooklin High School

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Bug fixes and performance improvements.

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6.16.2 released on 03 November 2020 (80 days ago)
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6.12.1 released on 16 June 2020 (220 days ago)

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