School Guardian

School Guardian

Smart school logistics more security and agility in the school community.

School Guardian
School Guardian School Guardian School Guardian

We are now School Guardian (former Filho sem Fila).
The new identity marks our international presence and our constant and growing focus on the safety of the entire school community.

Keep counting on the School Guardian platform to increase students, parents, and teams' safety and biosecurity every day! And if it wasn't enough, you still gain time, save fuel, emit less CO2 and help reduce traffic around your school. Good, right?

Explaining how it works...

Before bringing the students to school, parents can fill out a statement of symptoms and know if their children can go to school. And when they get there, the school can register the student's entry and increase everyone's safety.

For the pickup times, the School Guardian automatically notifies the school when parents are close, so students are ready to leave when they arrive. Consequently, the waiting time for parents and the traffic around the school decrease.

There is more! Parents can manage authorizations with ease by providing the school with photos and documents of people authorized to pick up their children. They can also receive notifications when the authorized ones are close to picking up their children and much more!

Oh, and if you have a Ford car equipped with SYNC AppLink™️, you can use the School Guardian by voice by merely pressing the button on the steering wheel!

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10.00.016 released on 22 March 2021 (255 days ago)

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School Guardian
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