Scarlett, your memory coach

Scarlett, your memory coach

Seniors and elders' favorite memory games and brain training program.

Scarlett, your memory coach
Scarlett, your memory coach Scarlett, your memory coach Scarlett, your memory coach Scarlett, your memory coach Scarlett, your memory coach Scarlett, your memory coach Scarlett, your memory coach Scarlett, your memory coach Scarlett, your memory coach Scarlett, your memory coach Scarlett, your memory coach Scarlett, your memory coach Scarlett, your memory coach Scarlett, your memory coach Scarlett, your memory coach Scarlett, your memory coach

SCARLETT, your #1 memory coach!
The best easy and adapted brain training games, guaranteed without failure.

Take SCARLETT wherever you go!
All our games work without Wi-Fi. Once downloaded, you will only need the Internet for monthly updates and SCARLETT’s follow-up.


🧠 More than 30 fun and cultural games to work on your memory and cognitive functions 🧠

Stimulate your memory with the ColorMind, Furious Cards and Twins games. Remember color combinations or cards order to develop your attention.

Show off your knowledge with Quizzle, Geography, A Card A Date. More than 4200 general knowledge quizzes.

Sharpen your reflexes with the Pop Balloons, Moles Invasion and Bouncing Ball games. Learn to be fast-minded and good with your reflexes by tapping as fast as possible on the screen.

Work on your problem solving skills and logic with the Congested Parking, The Walker and Scarlett at the ski retreat games.

Develop your understanding with the A Text A Day, ColorForm and Hunting Intruders games. Move up the level and adapt your strategy to the instruction.

And many more to discover.
All games are adapted to the American, Canadian and English culture!

👩‍⚕️ Designed hand-in-hand with health professionals 👨‍⚕️
Dynseo works with occupational therapists, speech pathologists, activity directors to develop adapted games for seniors with mild to severe cognitive disorders.
Each game has 3 levels of difficulty to adapt and progress at your own pace.

You want to start training your memory now? Try the SCARLETT app on your tablet for free for a week!

After your trial period, you can subscribe:
- As an individual, you can subscribe for $9 USD for a month, $18 USD for 3 months or $58 USD for a year.
- As a professional, you can create an unlimited number of profiles. A subscription is only $9 USD per month per tablet. The subscription for the monitoring platform is optional.

You want a harder version?
Download our CLINT app:

Your coach SCARLETT already helps:
- Private individuals wanting to train their memory at their own pace,
- adults with autistic disorders or suffering from cognitive disorders,
- seniors in assisted living facilities, retirement homes or at home with home care services...

The SCARLETT games help stimulate and bring comfort and well-being to the seniors by calling upon their long-term memory.

✔️ Performance follow-up ✔️
Residences and private speech therapy or occupational therapy offices can benefit from a web statistical monitoring platform allowing them to better analyze and personalize their seniors’ care.

➕ SCARLETT was used during a clinical study which followed senior citizens over a period of 6 months.

- Increase in usage: the seniors played around 38 minutes a day.
- Overall increasing success rate: reaching 70,84%.
- Increase in well-being.

DYNSEO is really involved in research against Alzheimer’s diseases and in the creation of tools made to anticipate and catching early signs of neurodegenerative diseases.


DYNSEO received more than 20 rewards for its memory and brain training programs, including the Best Recreational App of the Year award.

SCARLETT respects the GDPR regulations and guarantees the confidentiality of all players' data.

More info on our website:
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About this version (5.4)

☃️ New game: Snowball effect ☃️ Discover our whole new game! This Christmas, help your coach build a snowman! ⚡ OPTIMIZATION ⚡ We have optimized our app to give you the best experience.

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Scarlett, your memory coach
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