Satfinder (Dishpointer) with Bubble Level Meter

Satfinder (Dishpointer) with Bubble Level Meter

Satellite finder is best multi featured dish align app with much gps tools in it

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Satfinder (Dishpointer) with Bubble Level Meter
Satfinder (Dishpointer) with Bubble Level Meter Satfinder (Dishpointer) with Bubble Level Meter Satfinder (Dishpointer) with Bubble Level Meter Satfinder (Dishpointer) with Bubble Level Meter Satfinder (Dishpointer) with Bubble Level Meter Satfinder (Dishpointer) with Bubble Level Meter Satfinder (Dishpointer) with Bubble Level Meter Satfinder (Dishpointer) with Bubble Level Meter

Satfinder (Dishpointer) with bubble level meter has awesome multi-feature gps tools in it which is use to quick align dish tv. This dish satellite tracking app with new feature satellites locator with AR (augmented reality map) has an ar tool for satellite receiver (antenna dish) with bubble level meter which help in maintain of dish level and dish installation with findings a satellite azimuth on your smart device. Satellites finder provides a live view of all space satellites and specifies azimuth elevation and provides satellite tv directions accurately. This satellite director with space AR finder option will show satellite details on screen and AR view show you satellite longitude and latitude on your mobile or tab display which help you in find satellites tv accurately. In this satellite tv finder and dish aligner app help you to find the accurate dish tv signal direction and you will found satellite azimuth and it will help you in set up dish because it will help and provide good satellite signal strength. In this sat transponder app you have multiple tools regarding dish tv settings which make ease for you to align dish tv. Ever wondered what satellites are flying higher than your head when you look up? This space tv alignment app will show them to you with augmented reality, Just point your phone's camera towards the sky, and you will see that little icons track the locations of different satellites. In this azimuth finder app AR feature is also freely for use, You can get possibly accurate satellite position in this ways it helps in dish alignment. Show all satellites of all directions (north, south, east, & west). User can found his dish antenna signal very easily with azimuth value, its gps status feature shows where the satellite tv signals are actually situated, you have just direct tv dish antenna towards the side where your required satellite found. This sat catcher app will be helpful for you in install dish tv and there is satellite list given in the app from where you can select your required satellites. Also user can easily locate his/her own current location where he/his will be actually situated.
Satfinder (dish pointer) with bubble level meter has a feature of inclinometer which is called to be an instrument that is used normally for measuring angles of slope (or tilt), elevation, or depression of an object with respect to the center of the earth’s gravity direction. It is also known as a tilt indicator, slope alert, level gauge, slope gauge, tilt sensor, gradient meter, gradiometer, tilt meter, pitch & roll indicator, and declinometer. Clinometers measure both declines (negative slopes, as seen by an observer looking downward) and inclines (positive slopes, as seen by an observer looking upwards). The level meter and inclinometer is the most demanding application in the building sector & civil construction sector.
It has Bubble level meter feature in it, bubble level or spirit level is an instrument use to indicate while a surface is vertically or horizontally tilt. This precise level spirit bubble will helps to make your surface fully flat, leveling of tables also.

Prominent Features of Satfinder:
Satellite Finder
Find Satellites by AR (augmented reality)
Bubble Level
Gyro Compass


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Satfinder (Dishpointer) with Bubble Level Meter
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