Samply - DJ Sampler

Samply - DJ Sampler

Samply is free, simple and effective no-lag sampling machine for Android devices

Samply - DJ Sampler
Samply - DJ Sampler Samply - DJ Sampler Samply - DJ Sampler Samply - DJ Sampler Samply - DJ Sampler

We are happy to bring out the new Samply - DJ Sampler 2.0 version with loads of new features and improved performance. It contains 16 different buttons. You can load different sample to each button by holding the button for few seconds. All you have to do is transfer your samples to your device storage or just download them from cloud (10.000+ free samples) with integrated download dialog. You have multiple sets which you can switch between during the performance. Each button has its own settings and you can control looping and volume on each sample. That means if you have 6 different sets you can control the looping and volume of 96 different samples at once. With the new Audio Engine, your samples will play without any problems or lags (application supports mp3, aac and wav files). You can easily save your work and load it any time you need. We also added colors to buttons to avoid monotony. You can activate different actions to your sample with different gestures on the button itself, for example swiping the button down to toggle the sample looping. Also each button has its own text, so you can set different text to every button in all of the sets.
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About this version (2.4.1)

Sound engine optimizations.

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Size: 17 MB
Version: 2.4.1 by Appsoup
Updated: 16 December 2017 (1277 days ago)
Released: 28 September 2014
Installations: more than 100 000
Samply - DJ Sampler
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