Salzburg Verkehr

Salzburg Verkehr

The app of Salzburg Verkehr (“Salzburg traffic”)

Salzburg Verkehr
Salzburg Verkehr Salzburg Verkehr Salzburg Verkehr Salzburg Verkehr Salzburg Verkehr Salzburg Verkehr Salzburg Verkehr Salzburg Verkehr Salzburg Verkehr Salzburg Verkehr

Welcome to the app of Salzburg Verkehr (“Salzburg traffic”), the mobile transport information from Salzburger Verkehrsverbund (Salzburg Transport Association). The Salzburg Verkehr-App ensures that you’ll always find your best route throughout Austria. Whether that’s with public transport, on foot, by bike or by car. The Salzburg Verkehr-App clearly presents you with all possible connections from your point of departure right through to your destination.

In the process, the Salzburg Verkehr-App permanently accesses the latest traffic data and always offers you up-to-date information on the traffic situation. In this way, you know at all times which route and which mode of transport is most suited to your purpose. Thus, based upon Traffic Information Austria (VAO), all traffic activities are covered.

Further features:
- Comparison of journey times: The Salzburg Verkehr-App journey planner enables you to directly compare the different connections and modes of transport and to receive information concerning your journey’s CO2 emission.
- Area map: The area map shows you all stops in your area. Detailed information on the stops can be accessed directly via the map.
- Departure monitor: In real time, the departure monitor shows you all lines departing from a given stop.
- Route/stop sequence: All interim stops, incl. departure times, are displayed between your starting point and destination.
- At a glance, the map’s mobility radar shows you accessibility via public transport in a radius of up to a maximum of 20 minutes from any given point.
- Favourites: Save your personal point of departure and routes as favourites

About this version (9.1.4 (198))

Thanks for using the Salzburg Verkehr-App! To make your rides even better, we update the app regularly. Have a good ride!

Other versions

8.3.4 (189) released on 02 February 2022 (417 days ago)
8.3.2 (185) released on 05 January 2022 (445 days ago)
8.2.1 (180) released on 22 July 2021 (612 days ago)
8.1.2 (177) released on 17 May 2021 (678 days ago)
7.3.1 (172) released on 28 January 2021 (787 days ago)
7.2.2 (167) released on 11 November 2020 (865 days ago)
7.1.2 (166) released on 31 August 2020 (937 days ago)
7.1.1 (161) released on 30 June 2020 (999 days ago)

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Updated: 02 May 2022 (328 days ago)
Released: 10 June 2015
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Salzburg Verkehr
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