Salem Witch Trials Tour Guide

Salem Witch Trials Tour Guide

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Salem Witch Trials Tour Guide
Salem Witch Trials Tour Guide Salem Witch Trials Tour Guide Salem Witch Trials Tour Guide Salem Witch Trials Tour Guide Salem Witch Trials Tour Guide Salem Witch Trials Tour Guide Salem Witch Trials Tour Guide

Welcome to the offline narrated Salem Witch Trials Self-Guided Tour in Salem, Massachusetts by Action Tour Guide!

The quaint and picturesque town of Salem hides a seriously dark history. Over 300 years ago, this was the site of the infamous Salem Witch Trials, where innocent townspeople were ruthlessly killed for being “witches”.

Are you ready to turn your phone into a personal tour guide? This app offers a fully-guided experience of Salem — just like a local giving you a personalized, turn-by-turn, fully-guided tour.

See and hear about Salem’s Witch Trials, the innocents affected by the witch hysteria, modern ghost stories, and more:
■ Salem Visitor Center
■ The Salem Militia
■ Samuel Pickman House
■ The 1692 Memorial
■ Bridget Bishop
■ Sarah Good
■ Rebecca Nurse
■ George Burroughs
■ Giles Corey
■ Old Burying Point
■ The Peabody Sisters and the Grimshawe House
■ Doing What Is Right, Not What Is Easy
■ Old Town Hall
■ Joshua Ward House
■ Hollywood in Salem
■ Lyceum Hall
■ St Peter's Episcopal Church
■ Old Witch Gaol
■ Salem Jail
■ Martha Corey
■ Howard Street Cemetery
■ Roger Conant & Witch Museum
■ John Bertram House
■ Ann Pudeator
■ Melba Apartments
■ Dorothy Good
■ Salem’s Survivors
■ Salem Common

BONUS STOPS! Salem’s Historic Homes:
■ Gedney House
■ Broad Street Cemetery
■ Hamilton Hall
■ The Ropes Mansion
■ The Witch House

AND MORE! Hawthorne’s Legacy in Salem:
■ Nathaniel Hawthorne Statue
■ Mercy Tavern
■ Nathaniel Hawthorne's Birthplace
■ The House of the Seven Gables
■ Hawthorne Hotel


■ Plays automatically
The app knows where you are and which direction you are heading, and plays audio automatically about the things you are seeing, plus stories and tips and advice. Simply follow the GPS map & the routing line.

■ Fascinating stories
Be immersed in an engaging, accurate, and entertaining story about each point of interest. The stories are professionally narrated and prepared by local guides. Most stops also have additional stories that you can optionally choose to hear.

■ Works offline
No data, cellular or even wireless network connection needed while taking the tour. Download over Wi-Fi/Data Network before your tour.

■ Freedom of travel
Explore on your own time, at your own pace, and with the flexibility to linger at stops that interest you. You have total freedom to skip ahead, stop and restart, and take as many photos as you’d like.

■ Award-winning platform
The app developers received the famous “Laurel Award” from the Newport Mansions, who use it for over a million tours/year.


Check out the demo to get an idea of what this tour is all about. If you like it, purchase the tour to get full access to all of the stories.


■ Download ahead of time, over data or WiFi.

■ Be sure the phone battery is fully charged, or take an external battery pack.


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■ Harvard Square
Take a walk through the beautiful campus of one of the most prestigious (and historic) universities in the world.

Cape Cod:
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Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. This app uses your location service and GPS tracking feature to allow real-time tracking of your route.


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