Runes & Runic formulas

Runes & Runic formulas

Free guide to runes and runic formulas for beginners. Daily runes divination.

Runes & Runic formulas
Runes & Runic formulas Runes & Runic formulas Runes & Runic formulas Runes & Runic formulas Runes & Runic formulas

In our free app you will find
โ˜… Each rune's full description โ€“ general and in divination
โ˜… Runic formulas with a spell for any occasion for beginners
โ˜… Daily runic divination โ€“ receive a daily prediction

Runes are symbols that were previously used in writing by Scandinavian and Germanic peoples (Futhark Alphabet). These mysterious signs are enveloped in mysticism and secrets. They contain the deep wisdom of their ancestors. In the modern world they are used in various esoteric practices.

Runic formulas allow you to solve life problems and to change not only your future but also the future of others. They are a guide to the world of energies and can affect human energy and circumstances.

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Runes & Runic formulas
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