Ruler, BubbleLevel, AngleMeter

Ruler, BubbleLevel, AngleMeter

An ultra-practical measuring toolbox ruler Bubble Level Angle Meter

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Ruler, BubbleLevel, AngleMeter
Ruler, BubbleLevel, AngleMeter Ruler, BubbleLevel, AngleMeter Ruler, BubbleLevel, AngleMeter Ruler, BubbleLevel, AngleMeter Ruler, BubbleLevel, AngleMeter Ruler, BubbleLevel, AngleMeter

This bubble level (bubble ruler) and angle meter provides more practical tools than others do. Straight ruler, 2D ruler, spirit level and protractor (angle meter ) are all in this portable bubble level.

These two rulers are used to measure the length and width of an object; the protractor is used to measure the angle by setting three points while keeping the lines on the border of the object. The bubble level is used to detect whether an object is inclined both in vertical and horizontal aspects.

Features of Bubble Ruler and Angle Meter:
✔️ Easy to use and fast to measure
✔️ Accurate measurement (recommend calibration before use)
✔️ Lock the measuring interface to adjust the position
✔️ Name the files while saving
✔️ Measure the angle in a photo(allow to select photos from the gallery)
✔️ Display the measured projects clearly
✔️ Show numeric angle
✔️ Show angle in degree, inclination in percent and inches of rising per foot of run

The length of the ruler is precisely designed, the position of the ruler has been fixed and it will be affected by the length of the device. You do not need to calibrate it when you use it. In the level ruler, because the bubbles in the water pipe will move, it needs to be calibrated before use. You only need to ensure that the bubble is at the center point of each direction, and the vertical and horizontal tilt values displayed below are close to 0.

A note about permissions: The bubble ruler app will ask for camera permission because the app needs to use your camera to detect the angle of the object when measuring the angle. If you have other similar questions, you can consult by email and we will answer you as soon as possible.

Designed for measurement at home, construction site, and so on, this bubble level app can help you measure anything in your life. Try this bubble level app now. If you have any questions on the bubble level, please feel free to contact.

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Ruler, BubbleLevel, AngleMeter
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