Ruby Cubes

Ruby Cubes

Ruby Cubes is an awesome new puzzle game for all ages!

Ruby Cubes
Ruby Cubes Ruby Cubes Ruby Cubes Ruby Cubes

Match three or more blocks of the same color in this puzzle game and build your way to a world of different levels.

With thousands of levels to play Ruby Cubes is your favourite puzzle game where you get to build by matching the colors of the suits.

Earn points which each correct matching and the total number of points needed on average to get to the next phase.

Unlock hidden levels blocks and new characters as you continue to increase your stars.

Three-stars represent a perfect score in each level and much more.

Create a unique combo when you match more than three blocks and watch as it pops and clears pathways for you.

Use your moves wisely and power your way up the 3000+ levels available in the game.

Earn boosters and powerups with each combo you create and play endlessly with no lives to be lost.

Increase your win level in a chest waiting at the top right of the home screen.

Spin wheels and try your luck at winning something that could boost your chances.

Enjoy the experience that comes with competing with friends on the leader board to see who came out tops.

Unlock new lands and characters you can continue venturing on Ruby Cube. 
Repeat challenging levels as much as you want and no matter the number of times you do.
How to play
• Match three or more blocks in each level
• Earn stars for completing the levels
• Unlock new features
• Move up the point ladder

• Beautiful display quality all around the game
• 3000+ levels to choose from.
• No lives are required so play as much as you want
• Spin wheel to luckily earn anything
• Get special offers as well
• Increase your win level

What more?

The app has intuitive controls and the user interface is excellent.

The app design is simplistic and very bright for anyone to use.

If you want to spend time this is the game for you.

About this version (1.00012)

Get ready for the ultimate puzzle experience with the new Ruby Cubes game. Enjoy!

Details and Recent Ratings

Size: 13 MB
Version: 1.00012 by Match, Blast & Pop
Updated: 15 September 2019 (686 days ago)
Installations: more than 1 000
Ruby Cubes
5 Stars: 62
4 Stars: 6
3 Stars: 5
2 Stars: 0
1 Star: 4

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