RPG Next [D&D Loots]

RPG Next [D&D Loots]

Loots and Scrolls for DnD Next

RPG Next [D&D Loots]
RPG Next [D&D Loots] RPG Next [D&D Loots] RPG Next [D&D Loots] RPG Next [D&D Loots] RPG Next [D&D Loots] RPG Next [D&D Loots] RPG Next [D&D Loots]

RPG Next is an app for Masters of D&D 5e that helps to generate loots quickly and automatically.


1 - Loot
Allows you to roll the table combat or serve loot basing the level according to the level combat following the instructions and indications of the Dungeon Masters Guide.

The challenge levels are 0-4 5-10 11-16 or 17+ the application allows the generation of loot in coins or treasures according to the degree of challenge previously selected.

2 - Scrolls
Allows you to scroll scrolls (classes) that have spells.

The App was built based on feedbacks received by the community to make the more practical modern and fun gaming experience.

The Loot Generator does not add change or delete any type of loot made available by the game developer the app randomizes quickly making it easy to combinations when generating your loot / treasure / loot / theft.

All copyrights of Wizards of the Coast have been preserved.


About this version (2.0.1)

- General improvements based on community feedback. - General optimizations for better functioning of the app; - Added language options: English (EN-US) Spanish (ES) Portuguese Brazil (PT-BR) - Adjustments to privacy policies; - Bug fixes.

Details and Recent Ratings

Size: 16 MB
Version: 2.0.1 by DrakkarTi
Updated: 17 May 2020 (336 days ago)
Released: 09 March 2020
Installations: more than 10 000
RPG Next [D&D Loots]
5 Stars: 139
4 Stars: 36
3 Stars: 15
2 Stars: 9
1 Star: 24

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