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ROSES FM. Your preferred station for community entertainment and education.

Roses FM
Roses FM Roses FM

Roses FM brings great music to the radio community. As it grows, there are various programs to be streamlined for the convenience of it’s listeners.

ROSES FM is a community initiative whose main objective is the creation of a state of the art broadcast and media facility in the rural interior communities of Jamaica. The creation of this facility will bolster and facilitate the cultural survival of the indigenous peoples in these communities and will also assist in the fulfillment of our mandate which is the re-education and protection of the traditional culture and history of the Jamaican people by providing an medium for the expression of our creative arts which includes but not limited to music, poetry, dub, drama and dance. ROSES FM has been created to promote and protect the four United Nations recognized group of peoples:


ROSES FM was conceptualized through the discussions between Barrington Levy pioneering the indigenous people first voice radio in Jamaica. Mr. Levy through his traveling recognized the injustices that the indigenous musical genres have received from other cultures as it relates to musical exposure through airplay; receiving only limited time on international airwaves with the reciprocal being the Jamaican reality. They both looked closely at the cultural imbalances that were being experienced over our frequency modulation.

ROSES FM is aligned with the development of young people in media by providing them with a channel for training and to voice their expression. It will also assist the vulnerable and elderly of rural Jamaica by providing them with a medium where their voice and opinions can be heard.

ROSES FM………your preferred station for community entertainment and education.

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Your preferred station for community entertainment and education.

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