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Root Master

Maximize Speed, Save Battery & Improve Performance & Condition of Your Phone!

Root Master
Root Master Root Master Root Master Root Master Root Master Root Master

Root Master is a professional tool to boost and improve battery life speed and overall stability of your phone.

Root Master gives your smartphone a new lease of life by improving and sustaining battery life boosting your device to it's peak condition and by taking care of overall stability with ease. With Root Master you will feel like you are using your phone for the first time.

Root Master gives you three settings to choose from - Speed Boost Battery Boost and Stability Boost. With Speed Boost you can get maximum amount of free memory to use in playing games or using high demanding apps with ease and without lag.

Battery Boost not only saves power but also improve battery health by closing down the stubborn background apps which gives ample amount of power in your phone to use on and on.

Stability Boost make your phone more stable and lagging free. It's up to you; which one do you want to use as per your need.

Let us show you what these Booster do for your phone

Battery Boost - Save and Improve Battery Life
There are many apps or setting which keep running in the background even when we close them. These stubborn apps and settings keep up their processes in background and these processes not only exhaust power of your smartphone it also reduce battery health.

Using Battery Boost setting Root Master scans all the power consuming apps and stops them. Which saves lots of power and improve battery health.

Speed Boost - Boost up Speed
If you struggle to play any high end graphics game or using a large app without any lagging then Speed Booster is perfect for your phone to gain maximum speed. Speed boost kills all the background processes to free up the memory (RAM) to use it exclusively for playing any large game or to use any app smoothly without any lag.

Stability Boost - Improve Overall Condition
Stability Booster improve overall condition of your smartphone by killing all the poor performing apps and settings which keeps executing over and over again and in the process making phone slow and vulnerable. Which makes your phone more steady and fast to use.

Root Master is a ultimate tool to satisfy all your need as a smartphone user. Just download and keep improving your phone day by day.

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About this version (1.0)

- Small In Size - Maximize Speed Of Your Phone - Battery Saver - App Optimizer - Phone Stability Booster - Improve Performance

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Updated: 26 October 2019 (1587 days ago)
Released: 26 October 2019
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Root Master
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