Ninja Fun Run

Ninja Fun Run

Fun endless run and jump game test your reaction as you race up shadow walls.

Ninja Fun Run
Ninja Fun Run Ninja Fun Run Ninja Fun Run Ninja Fun Run Ninja Fun Run Ninja Fun Run Ninja Fun Run Ninja Fun Run Ninja Fun Run

Ninja Run is the best run and jump game to kill time.
Easy to control, tap and swipe, run as fast as you can, miss saws and blades, collect more points, speed and power ups.
Test your reaction, jump and climb shadow oriental walls.
Become the best ninja dash warrior in this epic arcade japanese adventure.
A perfect time killer adventure for your device.

You can play offline! The best running game of this year is coming!
Stop playing temple, jungle and subway station - Ninja Run is the best time killer for you

Fun endless speed runner that will keep you on the edge of your seat!
Ready to test your reaction? Then run and jump into this fun new endless runner game along with ninja to race and climb the walls of this oriental kingdom!

Easy to play with easy controls, a perfect time killer.
Tap for jump, that's all you can do. Run ninja, run!

Get this jumping game for kids and adults and help the last ninja warrior save all the people of Ancient Japan!
Be a ninja for a day, challenge your friends and get the highest score!

Use power dash to get an instant speedup and destroy all the obstacles in front of you!
Collect power-ups that allow you to run faster and smash all the obstacles on your way!

Looking for some “ninja game” to play when you're bored?
Perfect ninja game for adults and kids! Everyone will enjoy playing this game for Android! No matter whether you are an experienced gamer or you simply love to play games from time to time, you will find this addictive game very amusing and you'll definitely enjoy playing it!

The challenge is to keep going at speed. You have to jump over various obstacles while you run. Look ahead and see what's coming to dodge all the dangerous blockades and enemies with some well-timed jumps as you run forward.

Ninja, a legendary character who wears a face mask with acrobatics, hides, deadly slash line to destroys monsters, zombie, dark dragon.
Ninja's harsh battle is to rescue innocent people from death, ghosts, and destruction.
It is a battle between good and evil. Ninja represents righteousness to fight against the dark forces that are monsters, zombies, dark dragon.

Ninja Run is a free to play run and jump arcade game.
Any ninja master must wear the best outfit! Be a japanese warrior!
The japanese adventure to become a warrior is not only running & jumping over the obstacles. During this “time killer” adventure you will face different challenges:

Play online or offline in this adventure!

About this version (3.2)

Enhanced rocket ninja

Other versions

3.1 released on 14 December 2021 (412 days ago)
3.0 released on 14 June 2021 (595 days ago)
2.4 released on 08 January 2021 (752 days ago)
2.1 released on 02 January 2021 (758 days ago)

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Size: 0 MB
Version: 3.2 by Zheka Apps
Updated: 24 April 2022 (281 days ago)
Released: 22 December 2020
Installations: more than 50 000
Ninja Fun Run
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