Robin by Serieplay

Robin by Serieplay

Put on the mask and save the world! But beware of unexpected encounters...

Robin by Serieplay
Robin by Serieplay Robin by Serieplay Robin by Serieplay Robin by Serieplay Robin by Serieplay Robin by Serieplay Robin by Serieplay Robin by Serieplay Robin by Serieplay Robin by Serieplay Robin by Serieplay Robin by Serieplay Robin by Serieplay Robin by Serieplay Robin by Serieplay

Law student by day, thief and activist by night, Ava goes after the biggest polluters like a modern Robin Hood. But there is Max. The sherif figure, always after her. Dangerous, but also terribly attractive...

Robin takes you into the world of a young adventurous student who’s willing to do anything to save the planet from the foretold disaster. Underneath her mask and costume, Ava is determined to change things. But such great responsibilities cannot fall to one person alone and your help will be precious. Superheroine with a big heart or rebel activist - you get to choose how you want to take action.

Write your own story thanks to a choice-based system that gives voice to your imagination and your sense of judgment. Each choice you make will impact the rest of the story and make each of your trips into Robin’s world unique.

Discover a brand new version of Robin Hood’s tale!

Let yourself get carried away by this innovative adaptation of the tale from your childhood. The big-hearted hero stealing from the rich to give to the poor is now embodied by a heroine who’s every bit as daring and who will go to any length to steal from the biggest polluters and give the world a new breath of hope.

But her sensitivity is both her biggest strength and weakness. What about this attractive policeman who’s a bit too close for comfort? Sworn enemies or passionate lovers? You’re in charge of your romance!

Meet a fascinating cast of secondary characters. A faithful sidekick, endearing flatmates, a mysterious ally… This colorful cast of characters will be with you every step of the way and surprise you all along your journey.

Our story together is just getting started!

Join a community of players with eclectic profiles and tastes. Every choice you make leaves a mark in Robin’s story. Once you've made your choice, it gets included in the community’s and you get to have a look at the choices made by other players. Act like a rebel or blend in with the crowd? It’s your call!

We regularly release new episodes! Want to make sure you won’t miss out on Robin’s latests adventures? We advise you to turn on notifications to get a message every time we release a new episode!
New episode releases, presentation of the team, backstage sneak peek, exclusive news…

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Robin by Serieplay
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