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RnB Boutique
RnB Boutique RnB Boutique

Welcome to our Boutique ! We choose the most fashionable and flattering clothing for all sizes! Our clothing is made of high quality materials that are super comfortable. The fun thing about our clothing is only a limited amount is made in each print. Our leggings are a top seller. They are known for being buttery soft and holding there quality. My husband Bryson and I run our shop together. We go live daily to offer and showcase you guys our new handpicked product. We spend time daily handpicking new items we know you’ll love! We are able to run our business and involve our children. We can work from home or take our work on the road with us! We offer excellent customer service and always try to please everyones request. We look forward to getting to know you and hope to see you on our live sales.
- Browse all of our most recent arrivals and promotions
- Easy ordering and checkout with credit or debit card
- Waitlist items and purchase them when they are back in stock
- Email notification for order fulfillment and shipping

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