Rescue Pets - Save REAL Animals

Rescue Pets - Save REAL Animals

An Idle Dog Clicker for Good

 Rescue Pets - Save REAL Animals
 Rescue Pets - Save REAL Animals  Rescue Pets - Save REAL Animals  Rescue Pets - Save REAL Animals  Rescue Pets - Save REAL Animals  Rescue Pets - Save REAL Animals

Rescue Pets Idle Dog Clicker is not just a dog incremental pet rescue game. In fact unlike other pet games it creates an impact on real-world animal shelters.

The idea is quite simple you need to build up your own animal shelter and do all the tasks that you would in a real animal shelter. For example you will take care of your rescued animals find loving parents and a nice home for them etc.

But the great part is you are not running this pet rescue operation alone. You have a side-kick; your dog! Your dog will help you save pets and take care of them. Even while you're idle your dog will help manage your shelter for you!

But to do that you will have to groom it to become the perfect dog that would help you save animals for your dog shelter and adoption center. Pet your dog and he'll help you make an even better animal shelter.

Moreover you can make the experience fun by changing the dog costumes. What costume will you choose for your adorable corgi? Mix-n-match your dog costumes to your heart's content!

The interface of the save animal game is as loving as a Dog Adoption center should be! It clearly shows you your progress which can be increased if you train your dog well. The amount of food left in the shelter the income generated the number of pets saved and all other metrics are clearly shared on the screen.

But most importantly if you visit the social media of the Rescue Pets Idle Dog Clicker Games you will know exactly how much positive change you have helped generate in the real world to make the lives of cute and innocent animals.

Rescue Pets Idle Dog Clicker is one of the few Pet Games that provides you the experience of running an actual Dog Adoption center that Save Pets. But when it comes to making a difference in the real world there is no other Idle clicker game like it.

The best part about it is that unlike other Incremental Pet Games you will not be wasting your time playing it. You can check how much impact you have helped create in the real world and the satisfaction and happiness it provides to a true animal lover is truly priceless.

Do not wait download this Idle clicker game on your phone right now to become a part of the animal lovers that are not only passing a great time playing this game to save pets but also creating a real-world impact to make the lives of real animals much better.

Your current dog is an adorable corgi pet! Pet your corgi and watch your corgi dance and bounce around! While you're idle your corgi pet manages your pet shelter for you! Your corgi helps you increment your gold and shelter!

Let's Rescue Pets together!

Visit our website to learn more about our mission and give us feedback https//

About this version (1.8.14)

Support for Autumn Event! The event has several new features and more ways to win prizes! The event will be released soon!

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1.8.11 released on 09 November 2020 (22 days ago)
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1.6.9 released on 15 April 2020 (230 days ago)

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 Rescue Pets - Save REAL Animals
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