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Feel empowered to view amazing BI dashboards, charts, reports and other data visualizations that help you find real business insights right on your Android device. ReportPlus lets you connect to your data wherever it resides and visualize it instantly in one place.

Maximize your ability to derive business intelligence and view KPIs for business from popular data sources such as: Excel, SharePoint, Google Analytics, SQL Server, Dropbox, Google Drive, MySQL, and Analysis Services OLAP cubes.

ReportPlus is the premier mobile analytics & reporting app that enables knowledge workers through data discovery & data visualization to quickly view BI dashboards, reports & share strategic enterprise insights, ensuring you have the latest information to make real-time, informed decisions on the go.
ReportPlus is available for individual users & Enterprises.


• Connect: Access all your data sources & view dashboards, charts, reports on KPIs interactively on your mobile device – no server-side setup required!
• Visualize: Easily design beautiful data visualizations with over 15 visualization types.
• Anytime, Anywhere: ReportPlus gives you complete mobility. It is a self-service BI tool built for the mobile world.
• Collaboration: Share business insights with others right within the app in the cloud or through email.

ReportPlus Core Features:


With no IT support required, follow ReportPlus’ intuitive prompts to connect directly & securely to data sources like:

• Microsoft Office Excel spreadsheets
• Microsoft SharePoint Document Lists & Libraries
• Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL Databases
• Microsoft Analysis Services Olap Cubes
• Google Drive
• Dropbox
• Twitter
• OData


Change how data is presented to maximize business insights.

• More than 15 chart types with zooming & panning support
• Follow key business KPI's
• Support for DIY HTML visualization


• Local data is protected using “Data Protection” built-in hardware-based encryption system
• Authentication support for Windows, Forms, Office 365
• Client-side certificates
• Channel security: HTTPS (SSL) support & compatible with VPNs

Currently, ReportPlus for Android allows you to view only your ReportPlus iOS-created reports.


ReportPlus Enterprise provides the features, services & support to implement ReportPlus enterprise-wide. To learn more, or enquire about white labeling opportunities email us: or visit:

About this version (1.6.37)

Bug fixes - Updated Facebook provider - Updated Dynamics CRM 365 endpoints - Fixed an issue involving date formatting with Google Analytics Misc - Compliance with GDPR

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Updated: 10 April 2018 (1170 days ago)
Released: 20 March 2015
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