Rental Property Manager

Rental Property Manager

Rental Apartments/Property/Houses/Units.. App for rental management ..

Rental Property Manager
Rental Property Manager Rental Property Manager Rental Property Manager Rental Property Manager Rental Property Manager Rental Property Manager Rental Property Manager Rental Property Manager


The app for landlords to manage their rented-out assets.
The app was built in a special way that took regard of all the small details.
All you have to do is add the property and tenants details, meters readings and you are good to go!

Currently installed:
* A convenient management of property/apartments/houses/warehouses/units/studios rental.
* Renters management (Bills, Messages ,Contracts, Rent Period,Tenants).
* Calculating monthly payments, rents, property tax, water/electricity bills (counters).
* Calculating financial balance, incomes & expenses.
* Auto alerts about payments, messages, checks.
* Managing History , diary and dates.
* Keep a journal, dates and history.
* Tenants Management (bills, meters, messages, contracts and durations.)
* Calculate debts, balances, incomes and expenses.
* Lock the app with a password.
* Allows to learn the app using a demo version with fake data. Easy as child play.
* Various rent-out periods. (Yearly, Monthly and later on even short-periods. Weekly and even hourly).
* Calculate and send (via SMS/WhatsApp) monthly bills using an internal calculator.
* Manage payments using checks or cash.
* Backup in Drive/Email and restore info via mobile phone.

Currently in development:
** Automatic update of water and electricity rates.
** Record conversations (with tenants).
** Save messages.
** Backup and storage in Drive.
** Save files/contracts/pictures;
** Rent rooms on an hourly basis.
** An income/expenses calculator according to time period. (realty commission, mortgage calculator, income tax, repairs etc.)
** Calculation of deviation differences with electricity meters & water meters.
** Calculation of cost to purchase \ sale of the property (betterment tax, interest, lawyer, realty commission).
** Adding fixed and variable costs (cable, gardener, internet, gas meters, mishaps etc.)
** Offers details and payments by credit card or cash.
** Create detailed reports for a specific time period.
** Share data with tenants (water meter update, remote electricity meter reading).
** A folder to save the bills (photos of water and electricity bills).

The app developers have no responsibility for any damages.


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Rental Property Manager
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