Relax Rain Sounds: Sleep & Relax

Relax Rain Sounds: Sleep & Relax

Falling Asleep fast with sounds of Relax Rain..!

Relax Rain Sounds: Sleep & Relax
Relax Rain Sounds: Sleep & Relax Relax Rain Sounds: Sleep & Relax Relax Rain Sounds: Sleep & Relax Relax Rain Sounds: Sleep & Relax Relax Rain Sounds: Sleep & Relax Relax Rain Sounds: Sleep & Relax Relax Rain Sounds: Sleep & Relax

Rain Sounds💧 relax your body & mind with the beautiful high quality raining sounds. We have care about our kind user and so we selected different rain types that are perfect for relaxation or sleeping. You will enjoy this free app whether you like gentle rain or soft rain sounds. You can even customize the sounds with relax music as you like!

Mixer of Rain & Thunder Sounds give a Calm Sleep one of the best sleep sounds app with the unique and amazing collections of charming and calming sounds that will help you to take a deep sleep and will help you to relax after a hard-pressed day.

This Rain Sounds App exceeds your expectations. It continues to play in the background even when you turn your screen off. The rain wind sounds relax music fade in and out too much but if you throw a few together they make a nice sound.

Remove Inosomnia

If you suffer from anxiety and panic attacks and this keep them at bay. Even with headphones on in the middle of town when you close your eyes and let the rain wash it all away. Timer is extra features is well worth it just for the option to have the app turn off after an hour or you have to customize time. Soothing relaxing and perfect for those who like to hear and enjoy a rainy day.


You want to Relax with play combo of Lofi Hiphop Beats and with sounds of Rain Showering it helps in Study and Lofi Music also helps in Sleeping with Rainy Night sleep with Lofi Beats

Sounds of Rain
☆ Rain on Umberalla.
☆ Rain on Flower.
☆ Rain on Lake.
☆ Rain on leaves.
☆ Rain on Forest.
☆ Rain on Window.
☆ Paper Boat in Rain.
☆ Rain on Foothpath.
☆ Rain on stem.
☆ Heavy Rain with wind.
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☆ Downloads in which your downloaded ( Musics Wallpaper with sounds).
☆ Categories in which "serenely" provides different types of noise Wallpapers with sounds.
☆ Music More music you have to download which is weekly updated.
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Features of Relax Rain Sounds Sleep & Relax
☆ Serenely offers this app offline and free sounds.
☆ Select any wallpaper and listen calm sounds of rain droplet.
☆ Listen ♬ relaxing music♬.
☆ Multiple categories of rain in a single app and weekly generates new wallpapers and sounds in different categories.
☆ Unlimited Relaxing Music to calm yourself and provide new music to our kind.
☆ We provide Relaxing wallpapers of rainstorm with sounds and music run time to user weekly and if you want to favourite❤ some wallpapers with sounds and music So is it directly save into your favourite screen❤.
☆ You have option to open your app with Home screen Favourite❤ Screen or Download screen.
☆ App supports background play so you can lock your android and keep on listening to the Rain(drizzle) sounds.

☆ ☆ ☆ Here’s how it works on your body☆ ☆ ☆

1. Create a sleep mix by selecting Rainfall and music that you like.
2. Slip naturally into a meditation state or a deep sleep...!
3. Awake feel refreshed and happier…!
4. Do it again anytime..!

serenely wants to brings the best in the world of wellness apps and meditation apps.
Need help with the app? or If you have any idea for improvements or you miss particular sound let us know at 📧

Remove ads only for life time 1.0 $
Monthly Subscription in 2$ 🔓
Get Full Featured You will get Raining sounds Calm music and wallpapers of different categories of Rain in marketplace which continuous weekly updated.
Yearly Subscription in 12$ 🔓
Get Full Featured You will get Rain sounds Relax music and wallpapers of different categories of Rain in Marketplace which are continuously weekly updated .
Enjoy the rainy app and happy sleeping with Drops of Raining...!


About this version (9.0)

- Improved Performance - Bugs fixes

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Size: 26 MB
Version: 9.0 by serenely
Updated: 06 May 2020 (263 days ago)
Released: 16 July 2018
Installations: more than 10 000
Relax Rain Sounds: Sleep & Relax
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