Relax Nature Sounds & Music for Sleeping

Relax Nature Sounds & Music for Sleeping

Nature Sleep Sounds free rain melodies & noises for sleeping & meditation

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Relax Nature Sounds & Music for Sleeping
Relax Nature Sounds & Music for Sleeping Relax Nature Sounds & Music for Sleeping Relax Nature Sounds & Music for Sleeping Relax Nature Sounds & Music for Sleeping Relax Nature Sounds & Music for Sleeping Relax Nature Sounds & Music for Sleeping Relax Nature Sounds & Music for Sleeping Relax Nature Sounds & Music for Sleeping

Relax nature sounds and noises for sleeping will help you relax after a busy day, get rid of stress and overcome insomnia. You don't need to seek music for sleep on the internet: just install a free mobile app with nature sounds and relax music 2020.
The app is lightweight and won't occupy too much space in your smartphone's memory. Its design is sleek and its interface is intuitive. Listening to free rain sounds and melodies to sleep will quickly become your daily habit and you will eagerly recommend the app to your best friends. It has no contraindications and produces a wholesome effect on people of all ages.

How Relax Nature Sounds Can Help You

Relax and sleep sounds are beneficial for your mind and body for the following reasons:

• Help you get a good sleep;
• Improve your mood;
• Boost your attention and concentration abilities;
• Prevent hypertension and muscle pain;
• Relieve tinnitus;
• Combat nervous disorders and breakdowns;

When you fall asleep in an uncomfortable position or your muscles are tense because of stress, the next morning you'll wake up stiff and sore. To avoid this, listen to the record of light rain falling against the roof or other calming tunes.
The sounds in the apps' library create a highly realistic impression of lying on the beach, walking in the countryside or exploring tropical landscapes. When you listen to them, your breath and your heart rate slow down. The production of epinephrine and cortisol stops — these two hormones are responsible for stress. If you suffer from irritable bowel syndrome, you'll feel considerably better.
When your baby can't fall asleep, the app will find a perfect lullaby for them and guarantee their parents a peaceful night. You can turn on these melodies even for newborn infants because they have no age restrictions.

Main Features

In addition to playing music and sounds, the app has two useful functions:
1. Timer. You can set the time when the app starts playing music and sounds and when it turns off automatically to save your phone's battery.
2. Bedtime reminder. The app will let you know that it's time to go to sleep. Like this, you won't stay up for too long and deprive yourself of the precious hours of sleep.

It will take you only a few seconds to download this music box and around one minute to figure out how it functions. You don't need to stay connected to the internet all the time: just launch the app once, and it will keep functioning.
The app allows you to compile playlists and fine-tune their settings, so you can create different selections for diverse moods and situations. Your bed isn't the only place where you can use the app: it will come in handy when you will be meditating, practicing yoga, having a massage or manicure, working, cooking, and performing many other activities.

Beautiful Melodies & Sounds

The current selection of calm music for sleep includes the following types of sounds:

• Ocean waves lapping the beach;
• River splashing;
• Spring rain;
• Rain on roof;
• Snow and wind in winter;
• Distant sounds of trains;
• Crackling branches in the fire;
• Birds and animals;
• Rustle of leaves in the forest;
• Morning in the jungle;
• Instrumental melodies for meditation;
• Many other peaceful tunes and pleasant noises;

It's one of the most delightful ways to take care of your health and wellbeing. No matter if you sleep at home, in a hotel or at your friend's house, you always have your smartphone with you. This means you can enjoy your favorite meditation music, ambient sleep sounds, rain sounds and other nature sounds every night.

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Relax Nature Sounds & Music for Sleeping
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