Recipes with photo from Smachno

Recipes with photo from Smachno

Discover the new world of cooking with Smachno!

Recipes with photo from Smachno
Recipes with photo from Smachno Recipes with photo from Smachno Recipes with photo from Smachno Recipes with photo from Smachno Recipes with photo from Smachno Recipes with photo from Smachno

Large selection of diverse recipes
Detailed Recipe Description
Step by step cooking
Favorite dishes in one place
Convenient search by name, category and product
Shopping list is always with you
Are you tired of complicated and monotonous recipes?
You do not understand what you need to do?
Do you like anything from the list of dishes?
We know how to solve these problems!
In the Smachno app you will discover new cooking opportunities:
This application contains the most interesting recipes for different categories!
It’s boring to cook just soup, but what about fruit and berry soup?
If you want to cook something original and simple, then you definitely need this application.
It is so easy and convenient!
ou can cook by following the photos that the recipe contains. This is much more clear, you can control the process and this method is much more convenient than the description of the recipe.
You can keep your notes! If you find a good recipe, then you can save it.
Real people, real recipes!
All recipes that you can observe in the application are written by people. All recipes are real in execution. In addition, you can read a mini story about how this recipe appeared at the author.
Shopping list!
Why write a list of products on a leaf if you can add them to your shopping list! It is practical and takes little time. All you need to do is find the recipe you like, click "Add from shopping list" and all the ingredients you need are saved. Now you can easily shop without forgetting anything!
Different cooking methods!
The usual recipes using standard cooking utensils are not suitable for devices such as a slow cooker, a double boiler and an air grill. In the Smachno app you can find a huge list of recipes using these devices! The recipes are so simple that I want to cook more and more.
Food decoration
You had a desire to show your imagination in the design of the dish, but did not know how? In the Smachno application there are a lot of options how you can arrange a dish for absolutely every taste!
Application features:
Many free recipes;
Categories of dishes;
Recipes in a slow cooker, double boiler and hot air grill.
Recipes from the people;
Saving dishes;
Sort and filter;
Shopping list;
Decoration of the dish;
Christmas recipes;
Recipes for the new year;
Easter recipes
The best recipes in our application!
Only here you will find culinary solutions.
Everyday Recipes
Recipes with photos!
Simple recipes
Discover the new world of cooking with Smachno!

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Recipes with photo from Smachno
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