Recipes in Urdu (Offline)

Recipes in Urdu (Offline)

The most delicious handpicked,mouthwatering,special recipes in one app.

Recipes in Urdu (Offline)
Recipes in Urdu (Offline) Recipes in Urdu (Offline) Recipes in Urdu (Offline) Recipes in Urdu (Offline) Recipes in Urdu (Offline) Recipes in Urdu (Offline)

โ˜… 500+ Recipes
โ˜… Categorized Recipes
โ˜… Bookmark Recipes (Open Bookmarks from home screen).
โ˜… View Recent Recipes
โ˜… Easy scrolling through hundreds of recipes.
โ˜… Share recipe with friends.
โ˜… Share recipe on Whatsapp.
โ˜… Share Recipes on Facebook.
โ˜… Works offline.
โ˜… Search recipes.
โ˜… Recipes are sorted for your convenience.
โ˜… Clear instructions.
โ˜… All instructions and ingredients in Urdu.
โ˜… Beautiful food images.
โ˜… Text auto adjusts depending on phone/tablet screen size.
โ˜… Easy to read.
โ˜… High quality Images.
โ˜… Cooking method described in detail.

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Released: 18 October 2017
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Recipes in Urdu (Offline)
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