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Save results from practice and archery events, analyze your performance over time and get detailed statistic about shot placements, heat maps and other important data useful for bow and arrows tuning.

Application connects you with friends in archery community through social network for archers: www.rcherz.com

Competition organizers can use any android device as scoring system for their competitions.


About this version (2.7.14)

- Added Logout to menu button to profile - Fixing splash login view stayed opened after login - Fixed initialization of view opened right after login from other view - Fixed order in shootup matches - Fixed crash in web browser, possible memory mismanagement too - Fixed html in competition info view - More cleanup of unused code for notifications upgrade to new gradle version and manifest corrections for amazon, removed google play version string

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Size: 0 MB
Version: 2.7.14 by Bowbook
Updated: 23 June 2018 (1808 days ago)
Released: 24 September 2012
Installations: more than 10 000
5 Stars: 128
4 Stars: 52
3 Stars: 5
2 Stars: 2
1 Star: 14

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