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RBO2GO Official
RBO2GO Official RBO2GO Official RBO2GO Official RBO2GO Official RBO2GO Official RBO2GO Official

RBO2GO Official is a product of Rexair, LLC. Our vision is to deliver best-in-class modern tools to support Rainbow Distributors, Dealers and Customers worldwide.

Depending on User Role and accessibility you may have these options:
- Office User: Leads, Contacts, Unprocessed Referrals, Unprocessed Rebooks, Unprocessed Surveys, Public Exhibit QR, Appointment Ledger, MD Board, Sales, Commissions, Finance Company, Tax Jurisdiction, ICL/CRF Report, CRF’s Repair, Dealers, Dealer Groups, Call Center, Follow Ups, Inventory, Events, Calendar, Appointment Spots, Training Lessons, Training Scheduler, Messages, Reports, Admin
- Dealer: Leads, Unprocessed Surveys, Dealer QR, Public Exhibit QR, Appointments, Activity, Personal QR, Events, Dealer Spots, Calendar, Training Scheduler, Messages
- Rainbow Client: Book a Show, Rebook, Profile, Appointments, Messages

RBO2GO Official offers great advantages with these unique features:
Office Staff, Dealers and Customers can:
Organize Potential leads
- Leads easily entered, qualified and organized for effortless appointment making
- Lead duplication alerts to avoid wasting valuable time
Manage Appointments
- Set, enter results or reschedule appointments with the tap of your screen
- GPS Directions, street view, contact and referring party information for all upcoming demonstrations
- One-touch tab to view the activities of gift programs
- Real-time view of all appointments
- Report summary of all of your Rainbow activities daily, weekly, monthly or yearly
Simplifying and Optimize your busy Workday
- Reminders and push notifications for important tasks to keep you on track and productive
- Multi-Search feature by day, week, month, year, client, lead and appointment
- Instant Language conversion to over 12 languages
- Displays all activities on a real-time calendar

In Addition, Tools specifically for Rainbow Dealers to Maximize Success
- Select specific times you would like to demonstrate. These are communicated to the office instantly
- In-depth, focused training classes designed specifically for you
- Announcements - special promotions sent directly to you
- QR survey links that create demonstration requests, 24 X 7

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Minor bugs fixes

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1.12 released on 09 December 2021 (167 days ago)

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