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Rave Guardian

Look after yourself and stay connected with your organization's safety team.

Rave Guardian
Rave Guardian Rave Guardian Rave Guardian Rave Guardian Rave Guardian Rave Guardian

Rave Guardian is the best way to improve your personal safety by leveraging those you trust to be your own private safety network. Rave Guardian provides rapid and proactive communication with your organization. Guardian is completely configured by the organization(s) you are associated with to make connecting in times of crisis or just plain confusion simple and easy.

Easy 2 step sign-up process for most people.

Rave Guardian allows you to do the following(depending on what your participating organization allows):
• Text with your organization in real time
• Send in anonymous tips
• Deliver a rich profile of information to safety officials
• Share location information with safety official during an emergency call
• Quick access to safety or important phone numbers
• Robust resources selected by your organization for convenience
• If you allow Guardian, you can receive important notification based on your location.

If you allow Rave Guardian, you can received push notifications related to on-going events in your area.

If you wish to customize Rave Guardian for your campus or workplace, contact us at demos@ravemobilesafety.com

• Rave Guardian requires a connection to a mobile network data connection.
• Continued use of GPS running in the background can decrease battery life.

About this version (3.0.0)

Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements

Other versions

2.6.3 released on 11 December 2020 (238 days ago)
2.6.2 released on 28 October 2020 (282 days ago)
2.6.0 released on 16 October 2020 (294 days ago)
2.4.4 released on 05 August 2020 (366 days ago)
2.4.3 released on 06 July 2020 (396 days ago)
2.4.1 released on 06 May 2020 (457 days ago)

Details and Recent Ratings

Size: 14 MB
Version: 3.0.0 by RaveMobileSafety
Updated: 31 March 2021 (128 days ago)
Released: 03 March 2014
Installations: more than 100 000
Rave Guardian
5 Stars: 231
4 Stars: 15
3 Stars: 9
2 Stars: 9
1 Star: 36

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