Random Totems—Tower Defense PvP online games dice

Random Totems—Tower Defense PvP online games dice

Realtime TD multiplayer dice game. PvP online games strategy tower defense game.

Random Totems—Tower Defense PvP online games dice
Random Totems—Tower Defense PvP online games dice Random Totems—Tower Defense PvP online games dice Random Totems—Tower Defense PvP online games dice Random Totems—Tower Defense PvP online games dice Random Totems—Tower Defense PvP online games dice

Get so much fun playing Random Totems with awesome PvP online games feature!

đź’Ą Tower defense is one of the most exiting strategy games. Your goal is to defend your territories by stopping monsters and bosses from reaching the exits. You need to place random dice as totems for your cool tower defense. Also, you have to decide which dice to improve to increase their power or random features. Play the tower defense pvp online game and form the unique winning totems deck to crush your opponents!

🔫 PvP or co op games? Multiplayer or PVE? All of them! Play with friends online or fight against another players in the real time PvP online games mode! Set up a TD co op games match by creating a channel and inviting your friend using a simple code. It's so easy! But is it so easy to build a super strong team to destroy furious monsters and the Boss?
🔫 TD multiplayer allows to connect with friends or random players around the world. You can start pvp online games with random persons in just a few seconds. Show 'em all you are the best at tower defense strategy games!

🛡 Many games use dice as random defend structures but hey, totems are cool as well! Random totems are magical, spiritual, colourful! Roll the dice and take your chances to beat all the monsters in Random Totems tower defense games! Both PvP and co op online games.

🎮 Collect and improve random totems! Form the perfect totem collection choosing of dozens of towers! Okay, breathe in, here goes the list of TD totems:

--- Mighty Chameleon: After a while transforms into random tower of higher or lower level

--- Mystic: Has a chance to teleport the target to the beginning of the path

--- Archer: Every 5th arrow does double damage

--- Bomber: Throws mines in the path of the enemies

--- Morgulis: Got a chance to instantly kill the target

--- Spitfire: Shoots fireballs with AOE damage

--- ... and so. much. more. Check it out yourself đź’Ą

And btw - new totems are regularly added to the game, so stay tuned and awesome!

đź‘ľ You probably asking youself: What a tower defense game without a bunch of stunning monsters? You are so right!
đź‘ľ Alright, the monsters. Bring 'em in!




- ... and many others comming!

🎲 Random Totem—Tower Defense PvP is challenging in a good way. Would you like to form a multiplayer alliance? Or better destroy the enemy in one-on-one strategy? Anyway, you'll have to thorough calculate your actions to win! You probably will be gaming out different td scenarios, wisely deciding whether to upgrade and level-up your totems. Be ready to make tough decisions! Even though every totem is placed entirely random, the result of the game is not just on the roll of a dice!

🎲 Two online games modes - PvP multiplayer and PVE co op - is just icing on the cake. Have fun playing this cool tower defense game with or against your friends.

🎲 Every td game match here hits different. Not only because of the random totems spawn, but also due to a wide variety of tower defense tactics available. Totems abilities bring good defense variety, while randomness and tricky strategy motivates you to think on your feet.

Privacy Policy - https://jamgames-dev.github.io/RandomTotems/#privacy_popup
We are always open to hear your feedback, please email on dev.random.totems@gmail.com. Jam "random" Games.

About this version (1.0.12)

- Meet new totems: Glitch and Armor-Piercing are waiting for you in the game - Fix bugs

Other versions

1.0.10 released on 27 November 2021 (669 days ago)
1.0.9 released on 19 November 2021 (677 days ago)
1.0.7 released on 09 November 2021 (687 days ago)
1.0.1 released on 01 November 2021 (695 days ago)

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Version: 1.0.12 by Kseniia Kolesnikova
Updated: 13 December 2021 (653 days ago)
Released: 24 October 2021
Installations: more than 5 000
Random Totems—Tower Defense PvP online games dice
5 Stars: 76
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