RallyGDP (TSD Rally Computer)

RallyGDP (TSD Rally Computer)

TSD Rally Computer for the Rally team to be On Time Every Time.

RallyGDP (TSD Rally Computer)
RallyGDP (TSD Rally Computer) RallyGDP (TSD Rally Computer) RallyGDP (TSD Rally Computer) RallyGDP (TSD Rally Computer) RallyGDP (TSD Rally Computer) RallyGDP (TSD Rally Computer) RallyGDP (TSD Rally Computer)

TSD Rally Enthusiast? No need for those expensive Gadgets in the cockpit. RallyGDP combines the functions of most of them in one app.

RallyGDP is a TSD (Time-Distance-Speed Format) Rally Computer/Calculator for use in time trial, special stage, regulatory, TSD, historic and vintage Motor Sport Rallies.

In these Rallies, organizers provide SpeedChart, Tulip (RoadBook) and at times GPX to be uploaded into a GPS. This app uses data from all the three sources and calculates the Ideal Time/Distance to be travelled accordingly. It uses the phone's/tab's GPS unit to achieve the same. (App has an option to run with a GPX or Without GPX)
Maps (Google and Offline) are an integral part of the app. Thus, the navigator has a wealth of information on the screen and can focus on other matters in the rally. No need for continous calculations based on RoadBook entries/car ODO. The navigator is also clear about his/her location due to Google maps available on the screen. No need for that expensive GPS unit.
The app has been developed keeping in mind the vital seconds that the navigator/driver try to cut during a typical TSD rally.

Option to select Distance unit - KiloMeters/Miles
1. Upload GPX and display waypoints/tracks. ( Save the GPX in the of rally on SDCard ) .

2. ODO Correction at all the instructions where valid RoadBook(Tulip) entries have been made.

3. Unlimited number of SpeedChart Stages.

4. Continous Update of Time and Distance (The navigator is free from these calculations) so that the team is on time every time - and not just on Tulip Points. The team knows how many seconds/meters they are ahead OR late at that particular moment.

5. Option to automatic reset of odometer at RoadBook instructions as per the entries made.

6. 'W' (Odometer) Correction factor.

7. Automatic calculation of TC Restart time as per the option selected.

8. Entry of Speed Chart in km(miles)/hr and mm.ss.

9. Automatic Penalty calculations.

10. Create GPX of the track followed.

11. Option to use various maps. (Offline OpenStreetMaps in mapsforge(.map) vector format are also supported)

12. Entries of SpeedChart and RoadBook can be made during the rally.

13. RallyGDP Driver's Console support via BlueTooth - use a seperate device to display driver specific data.

14. Audible Alarm/Text to speech synthesis at RoadBook instructions and speed chart changes to alert the team.

15. App tested in Desert Storm, Uttrakhand Rally, Mughal Rally, Raid De Himalaya, Royal Rajasthan Rally, Rally of Jaypore, Sagar-SXR, etc. - Major Rallies in India.

16. Ability to block incoming calls with SMS feedback.

17. Ability to add an overlay of GPX on map...useful in rallies where the Waypoints provided in GPX do not necessarily match with the RoadBook entries.

And lots more...

In short, all the expensive gadgets being used by those professional teams/navigators are made redundant by this application. Even your old phone/tab can perform all the functions that these gadgets do. Just make sure that the gps unit is functional and has good accuracy....

And yes.........Drive Safely and enjoy the Rally.

Important: RallyGDP uses the subscription feature to unlock its features. Locked version works for only about 20kms/miles. Once subscribed, all the features are unlocked till the subscription period is active.

Disclaimer: Test the app and Unlock the features if satisfied with the results displayed on Dashboard. Mail the developer for feature requests.

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