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Rally Coachâ„¢
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The free Rally Coachâ„¢ app contains a unified suite of digital well-being and prevention programs to help you take small steps toward big health improvements. Programs cover weight loss, smoking cessation, diabetes prevention, and diabetes management.
Weight Loss: Real Appeal Weight Loss Support is proven to help you achieve real, lasting results - and live a healthier life. The program gives you all the tools you need to reach and maintain a healthy weight with weekly live coaching sessions, around-the-clock coach messaging support, online trackers for food, activity, and weight and more.

Smoking Cessation: Quit For Life helps you to quit tobacco - and stay quit - using proven tools and resources. Connect with live coaches who develop and guide through personalized quit plans, access videos, articles, text support and more anytime, anywhere, and stay on track with nicotine replacement therapy (like gum and patches) delivered right to your door (if eligible).

Diabetes Prevention: Real Appeal Diabetes Prevention is a CDC-recognized program designed to help pre-diabetic people avoid developing Type 2 diabetes with live coaching sessions, 24/7 access to digital tools and dashboards, online meal trackers, and more.

Diabetes Management: Living with Diabetes gives support and information to help people diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes manage their condition. Share, listen, and learn more about diabetes through weekly small-group sessions online.

Rally Coach programs also leverage in-app trackers that integrate with your phone's built-in Apple Health app, or connect with other apps and devices.

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***Please note: Programs on Rally Coach are available to eligible program participants. Check with your employer or health care provider to see if programs are available to you.***

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3.0.5 released on 16 August 2021 (38 days ago)
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2.0.7 released on 04 August 2020 (415 days ago)
2.0.6 released on 29 June 2020 (451 days ago)
2.0.5 released on 15 May 2020 (496 days ago)

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