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Radio Biafra London was first established in 2009 as an independent Indigenous broadcasting outfit. It broadcasted for six months but unfortunately went off air owing debilitating financial and logistical hiccups.In 2012, we are back in style to continue in our usual tell-it-the-way-it-is fashion.It goes without saying that at Radio Biafra London, we strongly believe that theory without practice or practical application is useless and meaningless and that is why at Radio Biafra we accept that sometimes talking alone does not and will not bring about much needed change on its own. It needs people to act collectively and sensibly to put those theories into practice thereby achieving the desired objective. Radio Biafra daily radio programs aim to enlighten, educate and inform Biafrans both in Biafraland and those all around the world, as well as trying to be instrumental in the effort to free Biafra from oppression, subjugation and extermination of their ancient value systems, cultures and languages. They provide unbiased news and trustworthy information, educating people in issues of democracy and internationally acknowledged perspectives on human rights and importantly the rights of women.

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